Inspired leadership is critical to every great human achievement, both at the village level, and also for business and organisational success. The principles of commercial business: success-vision, leverage, strategic thinking and responsible, empowered leadership, are also the tools being utilised by the villages within which we operate, to help lift themselves out of hunger. 

By unleashing leadership potential within local communities, The Hunger Project has created an environment where the unthinkable is possible. Self-reliance is a reality, not just a distant hope.

In the competitive global commercial market, attracting, developing and supporting talented leaders is a key objective for businesses and institutions. 

To attract and retain talent, businesses now need to offer candidates and employees a compelling vision for their human development. People in the workplace want unique opportunities and experiences to develop their leadership skills, to empower them to bring more to the organisation, and to get more out of themselves. This has the dual benefit for the business itself, of happy and fulfilled staff, who as a result are more productive and have longer attrition. 

It is this multi-layered approach that The Hunger Project understands on a profound level. Leadership development is at the heart of who we are and what we do, and is the principal reason for the outstanding successes we have achieved. 

“The leadership programme we have embarked upon with the hunger project has not only been a life-changing experience at a personal level, but has at its heart both courage and innovation, two keys to driving a successful business in these times. As we embed the learnings from this programme we look forward to sharing these benefits with our valued clients.”

Then Executive General Manager Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank (Now Chief Executive of Flexigroup)

The lessons we learn from our village partners are incredibly applicable to our corporate life. Whilst the challenges may be different – the solutions that our village partners utilise to solve their problems can help your employees identify what is blocking themselves, their teams or the organisation’s success.