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Vince Below the Line

We're the UCL RAG committee and taking part in the 'Live Below The Line' Challenge. Check out our instagram @uclrag to see how we're getting along!!

We're fundraising for The Hunger Project. Please make a donation and help us reach our goal. Or join the challenge at

What impact will your donation have?

£25 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women so that they can learn to read and write.

£30 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.

£65 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.

£125 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every pound counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Vincenz Bischof

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