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My Challenge

Day 5

The same as days 1&3, except I had an additional 2 biscuits today. Which was just as well, as I'd eaten 5 of them before we got to dinner time! I've been struggling today. I want the cheesecake in the fridge. I want those crisps... But I can wait one more day. Many people don't have that luxury.

Day 4

Exactly the same meals as day 2, except I foraged some wild garlic and dandelion leaves for some "green" (as well as clovers and daisies) and I foraged some wild cherries for dessert! I'm still extremely bloated and I'm missing my daily marmite fix!

Day 3

Exactly the same meals as day 1! Starting to get a little fed up with the lack of variety, and I've been quite bloated this evening.

Day 2

Breakfast today was the same as yesterday: a banana and a black coffee.
Lunch was 2 slices of toast with half a tin of baked beans, and another coffee. 
Dinner was 100g spaghetti with half a tin of chick peas, flavoured with a stock cube. (I garnished it with a leaf of mint we have growing).
In the evening was my daily snack of 5 ginger nut biscuits and some orange squash.

Day 1

Breakfast was a black coffee and a banana.
For lunch I had 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jam and another coffee.
Dinner was 100g spaghetti with 250g mixed veg, flavoured with a veg stock cube and 1/3 tin chopped tomatoes.
My treats today were 5 ginger nut biscuits and some orange squash. 

My food for the challenge

I usually do this challenge with my husband, which means more variety as we can share the items. However, I've managed to put together 3 meals a day,  plus snacks, with my £5. Here is my list of items:
Coffee (70p, Tesco)
Spaghetti, 500g (20p, Asda)
Baked beans, 400g (22p, Tesco)
Bread (36p, Morrisons)
Jam (28p, Tesco)
5 bananas (69p, Tesco)
Chopped tomatoes  400g (28p, Tesco
Ginger nut biscuits (25p, Tesco)
Orange squash, 750ml (43p, Tesco)
Veg stock cubes (39p Asda)
Frozen mixed veg (79p, Tesco)
Chickpeas, 400g (40p, Tesco)

Total: £4.99

Each day's plan contains approx 1200 kcalories.

This Challenge

Hello! I am fundraising for The Hunger Project.

I will be living "below the line" by spending just £1 per day for 5 days.

Please make a donation and help me reach my goal.

What impact will your donation have?

£25 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women so that they can learn to read and write.

£30 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.

£65 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.

£125 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every pound counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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