My Challenge

Lessons from the storm

In June 2020, I took on an impossible challenge and in the process of completing it I learned so many valuable lessons.

In this blog I am giving you an insight into what made it possible:

If you found this usdful to you and if you got some value from reading it. Make aninvestment in my quest for ending hunger here:

365th 8K on365th day of Run 365 for The HungerProject

Done! 2920 kilometres in 365 days in 475 hours £3844 of £3650 raised. 

Lessons from the storm 8:
It doesn’t mean anything.

Ok you just done it but who cares really, and even if they did what does that metter? The only thing that matters is the difference the money makes. 

That one little girl in India that you and I don’t know don’t get to marry at 12 and raise a family or that another little girl in Uganda stops having her genitals mutilated or a mother in Mexico gets to start a business and get her family educated or a low cast woman in India gets to become a politician by vetting herself elected to the local council and starts shifting the priorities happened. 

They do happen anyway but this will help a little but it still doesn’t matter or mean anything.

Only thing that matters is the commitment to do something for someone just because you did.

Day 364 of Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project

Yee haa. Almost there!

Lessons from the storm 7

Be your own Buddha!

Stop listening to the intellectual masturbation of running tips. Find your own wisdom.

Eg there is absolutely no need to do pre running stretching! If you have the wrong shoes or the wrong running technique you will get injured! I warmup on the run instead, like today, my joints were tired, I had a sharp pain on my right knee. At the 3rd attempt I managed to correct it by adjusting my running technique! And ran the 9Ki set out to do.

Whats really important is the after run care, cold shower and hot shower followed by deep heat on joints and muscles & the diet rich in protein and calcium.

Day 363 of Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger The Hunger Project UK

Everything’s soar, 6th 16K in a row, a record for me but Im spent, so glad only 2 days to do.

Lessons from the storm 6

Be present to the moment, mindful and focussed on the road just ahead with loose ankles!

Be present to now - other runners, cyclists, your own body & mind. Focus on the road just ahead - poo, pee, spit, vomit, other unidentifiable liquids, broken glass and assorted rubbish. Loose ankles - for divets and bumps on the road, loose paving stones and broken tarmac and gravel. Also be present to the wonder of it all.

Invest in ending hunger here:

Lessons from the storm 5

Run 365 Challenge for The Hunger Project UK day 362

Ah! What a day to run. 5th consecutive 16th K equalling previous best, tomorrows will make it 6th in a row. Will list all those records later after the finish.

Today’s lesson from the storm #5:

Its 100% you 0% anyone else

Most people are useless f**kwits (just look at the state of the planet if you don’t think so.) a few people will help you and some will go a long way to do so, but its 100% your responsibility to deliver on your promise. 

Donate/invest in ending hunger here:

The last day to join us on Saturday 5th June:

Run 365 for The Hunger Project Challenge Day 361/365

Lessons from the storm 4:

Don’t compare yourself to others, they might run faster than you but they cant & wont be able to do what you’re doing ie Run 8K a day for 365 days!

If you fail you’ll remember it everyday, if you succeed you’ll go whoopee for a bit and forget it all soon.

Day 360 of Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project

Lessons from the storm 3:

You can 100% do it when your don’t feel 100% rely on your shoes and your technique.

Like today, I felt like a sloth on a motorway but I still did it and still enjoyed it.

Donate here:

Lessons from the storm 2:

Its the technique stupid. Running has a specific biometrics, one for fast sprinting and another for slow long endurance.

Lessons from the storm 1

Its just 7 days to go to come out of this storm!

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
Haruki Murakami

The 1st lesson of the storm:
Its the shoes not you.

Forrest Gumping it!

These 24K runs have become a regular in my attack on getting to parity of 8 kilometres a day with my Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project to raise £3650 to end hunger in the world.

Yes, its impossible to end hunger in the world with just £3650, but having raised £3297 so far with my running buddy Mark Quinlan and the others who ran with us on our 183rd day special run we are almost there. So, with your help hopefully we will get there. What this challenge is doing is 

a) making people aware of what The Hunger Project is upto in ending hunger with our publicity and 

b) making a contribution to the work they are doing in the pandemic and you can find out about it by going to The Hunger Project UK website.

You can help us in 2 ways; 

1) Make a donation using this link, although I am calling it a ‘donation’ what it realy is, is an investment. When you make an investment you get something back from it like an interest. Like, I have made an investment in
Committing myself to this challenge, which is almost impossible, and Im paid by great health and astrong immune system. You need to work out for yourself what you are getting back from it yourself.
2) Join us on our final day on 5th June from anywhere in Uzk or the world (the 24 hour period) and run for just 1 hour (in anyway you can) and raise £365 from that effort (you can do that by joining our team page on the Hunger Project website and publicising your page as a blog.

Here’s the link to join our team:

And now, the end is near…

Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project Day 347.

Only 18 more days to go

Check out this podcast I did with Simon Meadows of Sterling Coaching.
So far, we have raised £3297 (+406.90 Gift Aid)
Our goal was to raise £3650 – we need just £353 more to meet our target.
What is possible with just £353?
£25: Could support a community in Africa planting trees, which reduce soil erosion and provide sources of food, energy and income

£40: Could help train one woman at The Hunger Project's Women's Leadership Workshop in India. With this training she can help to bring water & electricity to 100's of households in her village, and equip her with the knowledge to fight corruption and child marriage

£60: Could support one female entrepreneur in Africa with a micro-finance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income, and support her family.

£100: Could support a group of women in Mexico to start an income-generating project, such as a poultry farm, to help provide for their families.

Invest here:

Short short-er

This was inspired by my FB friend Sam Deane’s post yesterday.

He said, he heard that ‘short’ can get ‘shot-er’ by adding an er to it (which ironically makes the word longer)!

I took the same approach for my running my run 365 challenge to end hunger with The Hunger Project UK.

Running longer to make the task shorter and easier!  

27 days left 10 x 8Ks behind (again!). So run 12K a day 4 days at a time and 1day rest. Gets me there very nicely and easily.

You can adopt the same approach to investing too. Invest one laaarge amount (eg £120) in one go and the investment will go very far or invest a very small amount (£10 over a year) and the investment willalso go longer and farther! 

Go ahead then!

Why did you start Run 365 Ken?

I started it to enable people to stop being hungry!

Friday I had my 2nd Covid Jab! And most people have side effectes, and complain about it. I have a dead arm, that’s all. But I ran 21 Kilometres yesterday and 20K this morning. And had this for brunch. I have a dead right shoulder from the injection but people who dont have any of these silly problems have real problems like how they protect their loved ones from getting infected and how to deal with their chronic persistent hunger. 

That’s what The Hunger Project UK does even now. So help me to end hunger buy making a little investment in ending hunger. You and I are lucky to be able to eat what we like when we like or to choose to have a Covid Jab or not. There are people in the world who arent that lucky.

The hills were alive with the sound of Ken’s shoes!

Hello there! ‘Tis me again, the running man.

Ran the 328th day of Run 365 Challenge for the hunger project.

To raise £3650 by 5th June. Why?
While the pandemic rages around India, Africa and South America the Hunger Project continues to work with the locals to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

We need your money to make it go even futher, so, make your contribution:

Find a way!

One of the things I say to people when Im coaching them about things that stop them in life is - find a way.

And with my running challenge, where I have taken the task of running the equivalent of  8 kilometres a day for 365 days and raise £3650 for the Hunger Project, it is challenging me to find a way to get to parity as Ive fallen behind. And getting to parity for today my 310th day would be that Ive run 310 8Ks. But before today and before yesterday, Ive fallen behind by 13days, so I found a way, by running 2x 24ks yastrrday and today. Now Im just 7days behind.

And thanks a lot for my friend Binit Bharadia for running 10 of the 24 K with me! 

And as a treat, Im having this amazing brunch!


Help me raise £3650 by donating here:

And Ill make you an amazing lunch as from tomorrow we can meet outside!


A while ago, there was a filum called 300! I it was the ancient battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought against Xerxes. 

Myself & Mark Quinlan 300 days ago started a battle to end hunger in the world. Unlike the spartans, the modern runners are bunch of lillie-livered daisies. We asked loads of runners to join us but no one did, so there is only 2.

Today was my 293rd 8K, 7 days behind the schedule. 28 more 10Ks will have ploughed it all back. Im not going to do 28 more 10Ks in the next 28 days but split it into 2 lots separated by 1 break.

We are doing all this to raise awareness of the amazing work that the Hunger Project does to end hunger in Asia, Africa and South America by empowering women into leadership and educating girls to enable them to take ownership of ending their hunger. Its a different way of doing it than handing handouts to poor people.

You can invest in that effort by putting your money via this link. Make it a monthly donation if you can:

And if you are a runner or if you want to do something to get fit, join us, it will change your life I promise you. You can join here:

The endearing endurance of a long distance runner

Ooh 3 days of rest, cold showers, deep heat and Im back with a bang! Managed speeds I haven’t managed since November last year.
Now 8 and a half days behind.  

This is the 281st 8K and 4K catchup on the 290th day of my Run 365 challenge which I started on 6th June 2020 to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project.

The work of the Hunger Project is to end hunger by empowering women as leaders in their communities to end their own hunger and to educate girls so they become leaders of alleviating their own poverty by taking on sustainable work and setting up businesses.

If you can help me to reach my target and invest in ending hunger in the world in a sustainable way then make your investment here:

If you wanna be the best, dedication is what you need, record breakers!

Yey! Broke the record this morning! 23 x 10Ks in 23 days! 

Now Ive run the equivalence of 268 x 8Ks on the 275th day of the Run 365 Challenge for The Hunger Project. Only 7 days behind. That means 28 more 10Ks in the next 28 days.

I think the effort requires your donations don’t you?

All this is to fund the vital services of the Hunger Project by eradicating hunger in the world by educating girls and empowering women in taking leadership of ending their own hunger!

Here’s the link:

A special invitation to you the Hunger Project community!

Today is 265th day of myself and Mark Quinlan’s Run 365 Challenge to raise money for the Hunger Project. 

We have pledged to run the equivalent of 8 kilometres a day in my case and 5 kilometres a day in Mark’s case. 

Now, we have just 100 more days to finish this challenge and we need your help!

On 5th June 2021, it ill be our final day, 365th day. And to celebrate we want 363 more runners to join us. 

On 5th June 2021, we want to have 365 runners running 1 hour each (365 hours as a group) and pledging to rIse £365 each (£365 x 365) to go to the Hunger Project.

You don’t have to be a good runner, you can run the whole hour or run and walk and for those of you who cant run just walk on the running setting just for 1 hour.

You will get an official bib to wear on the day and use our team page as your own!

Yes you’re correct, this is impossible, just like this challenge we are on now, we asked many people to join us but no one came forward! 

But I am still committed to find 363 more runners to run just for 1 hour on 5th June 2021 from anywhere, and on anywhere they usually run.

If you have any queries please message me here or Whatsapp me on 07736392100

Or you can join us here using this link and Ill be in touch with you:

Many Rivers to Cross!

This says 9.61K but it is all together its 10.4K. I ran the first .43K on the walking mode.

Hi! Sorry I was talking to myself earlier.


Ive run the equivalent of 251 x 8K! That’s 2008K since 6th June 2020! Just 10 days behind now! Only 40 more 10Ks in 40 days!

Hence many rivers to cross reference.

What would make this crossing easier would be some more donatetions/investments from you.

I’m running to end hunger in the world through the amazing efforts of the Hunger Project.

What we would really like now are more monthly donations! It could be as little at £10 a month or anything more to suit your budget.

My target at the beginning was to raise £3650, so far some very generous people have donated £1140 to me and 2666.52 to my team. We are very grateful to you if you are one of those donors but you can make and even more of an impact if you made a regular donation, as I said, as little at £10 a month is perfect.

Here’s the link:

Phwoaarrr!! Coooollllllddddd!!

Phwoarrr! It was so cold, even with all the layers, the wind to chill the brass monkeys but I felt fresh after 5 days of not running (although I walked a lot), this is the 2nd time Im running this route so I got lost a couple of times in the 2nd quarter of the run but managed to backtrack and get back into the right track.

12 days behind! The 4th time of asking, will have to run 48 x 10ks in a row to catch them up at 10k a day. As they say, at first if you dont succeed, try and try again. So, here we go again.

All this is to help the Hunger Project end hunger in the world. So help me by investing in THP.

Squaring the cycle!

Somehow managed to get back to 10 days behind, 40 more 10ks to catch-up! Last time I did 22 consecutive 10Ks! This time i’ll try 40!! We’ll see.

This is my Run 365 Challenge, to run 8kilometres a day for 365 days to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project. So far Ive raised £1114 and my team has raised £2640. Ive run the equivalent of 223 times in 233 days with 132 days to go!

The Hunger Project works in Asia, Africa & Latin America to enable communities to defeat hunger by self created, sustainable solutions to end their own hunger. Their main way of operating is by educating girls and empower women to be leaders of their own change. 

Its not easy, like running 8 kilometres a day every day for 365 days, but it looks easy. The world have been trying easy solutions for a longtime but there is no end to hunger and Ive been trying for easy solutions to my challenge and now Im still 10 days behind. So, let me try the difficult solution of running 40 x 10Ks in the next 40 days. 

You can try and do the difficult thing to invest in the Huger Project by donating via the link below:

I’m howling like a wolf in a truck here!

Come on people! Im doing my best to inspire or whatever you to donate to my Run 365 for the Hunger Project but the donations have dried up. We have had no donations in the 2021 so far.

Today I ran my 18th consecutive 10k, to be honest I didn’t want to run, but I did and Im happy Im doing it. But its still not enough as I still need to run 34 more 10Ks in the next 34 days to catch up to 8K a day average.

I know its hard to donate when you don’t know yourself if you’re working or not but its so much worse for the people that the hunger project are supporting. But they like me are non-stop in their programmes to train and support volunteers from the villages to be leaders in stopping the spread of the virus.

So, please make a donation today and make a difference:

The old faithful

16th consecutive 10K, 4 days pulled back, 9 more to go, 36 more 10Ks in 36 days! Unprecedented running if I could do that, Ive run 40 x 8Ks in a row before. Also, only 150 more days to go on this Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project that Im running on.

What shall we do in 2021?

Nice gentle run on the 1st day of the New Year.
Easy, comfy & fun (until I stepped in a puddle, then one foot nearly froze). 

I keep taking it for granted now that I can run, and sometimes I get upset when Im a bit slow or like this morning when a grandpa ran past me like Im standing still.

But everyday, I speak to fit people when I invite to join my Run 365 Challenge, to run a designated distance of kilometres everyday (or equivalent) for 365 days, who say “I cant run, my knees are bad” or “Oh no, that’s too much i don’t think my knees would last.” Well my knees were bad too!

I ran from 1999-2006 and ran incorrectly and on the wrong shoes for too long until I couldn’t run, not even for the bus and here I am running everyday. That inspires me when I take time to remind myself. 

Im talking to you about it like this because Im raising money for a charity called the Hunger Project and the way they work is by enabling people to end their own hunger by their own means, and that inspires me too. Because I get to hear the stories of people who do amazing things in leadership, people who have much less than us and has so few opportunities than us. 

So, help me to help them, have a look for yourself here in their website, for example, how they are dealing with the pandemic we are dealing with right now:

And help me to raise £3650 by 5th June 2021 by donating here:

The run on 2020...My year on the run!

In 2020 Ive run 2616.6 Kilometres in 393hours and 40minutes!

And so far on our Run 365 challenge, from 6th June 2020, Ive run 1588K off 198 days of running (out of 209 days)!

Getting there...  so far from our target of £3650 we’ve raised £2583.38!

All this is to raise money to enable the Hunger Project to end hunger in a sustainable and dignified way that honours the people who need to end their own hunger by enabling the education of girls and empowering women as stakeholders of their communities a key priority.

Thank you all who donated.

8 days 80 kilometres

Its the 8th straight 10k Ive tun in the last 8 days of my Run 365 Challenge to raise money for the Hunger Project.

Ive fallen behind by 13 days because I had to take time off for injuring my right knee and now after 8 days and 80k I’ve caught up 2 days. 11 more days to catchup in 44 10Ks in the next 44days.

It might seem an impossible challenge but Ive learnt over the last 8 days to take it calmly and cautiously and to keep going. And everything will turning out ok

Which is basically my attitude to everything in 2021! 

If you feel inspired and empowered by my efforts then I’d be grateful if you made a contribution to the Hunger Project here:

200th day!!! Of Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project! This is 187+2 X 8 K’s and Route #1 extended

200th day, with only 165 more to go!

I am 13 days behind, as I had to rest my knee properly after damaging it by running on the wrong shoes! But today the new, new shoes were amazing. I didn’t run too fast as you can see, just allowed my natural bio rhythm to dictate my pace without kicking hard! I will have do 51 more consecutive 10k’sin the next 51 days without a break to get even at 252nd run to be on par with 8k a day! 

It is possible if i do it with my brain in gear but not with my brawn in gear!

Im doing this to get your attention to inspire you to fund the ending of hunger in the world!

So, get inspired and get funding! Darn it!!

Let’s set a legacy of what’s possible instead of what’s not!

Myself and Mark Quinlan started this Run 365 challenge to raise money for The Hunger Project on 6th June 2020. To help them do their ground breaking work with in helping communities end hunger through empowering women and educating girls. And right now in the middle of this pandemic, they’re doing groundbreaking work to help communities prevent the spread.

In the middle of August 2019 I started running to lose weight and reverse diabetes type 2, symptoms. And today, 20th December 2020, Ive run 3069.2 kilometers!  And just in 2020 so far Ive run 2643.2k.

I’ve lost weight and reversed my symptoms, but more importantly through this running I’m helping the Hunger Project to succeed.

And today, 20th December 2020, myself and Mark are on our 195th day of this challange with just 170 more days to go.

We set out to raise £3650 by 5th June 2021, and we have raised £2583.32!

Thanks for those who supported us and we are so near, so, do help us to make it to £3650 by the end of 2020 and we’ll make the rest of the challenge about how much more we raised inspite of a pandemic. What a legacy to set while we could easily settle into the despair and desolation of the current Covid situation and just go to sleep? Let’s do that then.

The comfort of the old friends

185th 8K on 191st day or Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project.

Ran in the old shoes, oh so lovely but its lost its bounce which made me run faster for the same effort, but still feels so comfy. Will I find another pair of shoes like that? No idea, but ill see. The new one’s still aren’t it.

This is the 20th different route Ive run, I can see 1 more new route, which Im calling the ‘King of the Mountains’ route but after that there aren’t anymore roads to run that I haven’t run before. Still that’s one route a day for 21 days - 3 weeks. Ill take that anyday!

Now to the small matter of raising 365 challenge, on my own so far Ive raised £1057! And my team so far has raised £2583.32 of 3650! My target when we started in June 2020 was £3650 (to round with Run 365!). So, a little but more please.

These donations will make a huge difference to the work of the Hunger Project to regenerate sustainable growth by empowering and educating women and girls in Asia, Africa and Latin America to raise themselves out of hunger and poverty.

Go here and donate:

24 by 24 ran 365 to end Hunger on 5/12/2020

It is the 183rd day, exactly half way, of the Run 365 Challenge where myself and Mark Quinlan  have pledged to run 8 & 5 kilometres a day for 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 5th June 2021 to raise £3650 to help the Hunger Project succeed in ending hunger in their unique way. For us, its downhill from now.

To celebrate this milestone, today we are joined by 11 other runners who will run 1 hour each and do what they can to raise upto £365 to add towards our target.

My request for my friends, colleagues snd FB and Linked In connections is to not eat today and donate the cost of your eals to this effirt of mine to end hunger for others.

Here’s the link for your donations:

Can you go without food for 1 day?

I have been running on average an 8 kilometres a day since 6th June ‘20 to raise money to help the Hunger Project end hunger.

And on Saturday 5th December it will be my 183rd 8K

And to celebrate the milestone I am organising an event, its called 24 by 24 run 365 to wmd hunger.

Just for one whole 24 hour period, 24 different runners will run 1 hour each (in all 24 hours) and try to raIse upto £365 eavh to end hunger.

And so, I am asking you, to commit to fast that day, if you’re not running with us, so you know what its like to go without food for just 1 day (but please drink plentry of fluids) and invest the cost of food for that 1 day to end hunger by donating it to the Hunger Project via my link here:

You can start donations from now to help me raise £365 for that day.

Running at the edge

This morning’s run was really fun, I managed to run right at the edge of injury and health!

Its amazing when you have control over your body like that.

And it makes you feel great.

Try something that makes you feel great and takes you beyond the edge of your limits.

What a day that was?!

Today, this morning was the 150th day of my Run 365 Challenge which I took to raise money for the Hunger Project.

So, sofar Ive run theequvilent of 150 8k runsin 150 days and as oftrn is the case, when ai started the run, it was a battle, withmy phone and the running app. Then the fatigue of running 19 consecutive long runs also hit me. 

But I kept running and like always kept going because I said I would do it. And as always after a while it turned around abd I was really enjoying the run.

The point of all this is to raise your awareness and to raise momey for the Hunger Project so their work of women centred education and development to build self sustaining solutions to hunger can continue even in these difficult times. 

Have a look here for more dstails if how the Hunger Project approaches ending hunger in a different aay than other charities which work to feed the hungry:

And if you are inspired by it, like I am, invest some money so they cando it.

My target is to raise a minimum of £3650 by 5th June 2021 after running 365 8ks a day!

As you see, Im way short, so, do something:

Investment is not easy but it draws dividends

Investment is not easy but it draws dividends

Ran my 147th 8k this morning in 147 days of my Run 365 Challenge. This is the 14th consecutive runs in the last 16 days and two of them were doubles, ie 16Ks.

Here’s the link:

Ive stopped dedicating runs in honour of donors now as it seems a bit pointless when I ask them to spread the word and help me get more to invest they go silent.

I get it! You see what I do and get inspired to make a contribution and then you do, which is great. Like you want to get healthy so you go and do a yoga session or pilates session and pat yourself on the back “way hay! I did a good thing today!” And that’s it.

Recently, I saw in the media, a young family had drowned trying to get to UK in a boat. And people putting messages for and against their acceptance here.

That’s easy, the difficult bit is to in some way help them not to take such a horrible risk and pay all their life savings to get to a place who treat them less useful or valuable than discarded shoes. All the effort in the mistaken belief that streets here are paved with gold when in fact they’re paved with dog shit.

But if we all invest in a better way of helping these people for example to help educate them and help them create sustainable self created ways of ending their own needs to flee, you would think that would get people investing more time or money in that but no. Not so it seems.

Im on a quest with The Hunger Project to end hunger in a sustainable and self creative ways so the people affected themselves can take action to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

That takes investment over a long time. Like me running 8 kilometres a day every day (in my case equivalent) for 365 days. And after 147 days of that I’m tired and achy, questioning “what’s wrong with me?” “Why amI bothered when not many others are?”

Well, the answer is “because that is who I am!” So, if you are like me, instead of moaning about whatever the issue you are moaning about, be it the environment, hunger, brexit etc etc, make an investment, do something and get others to invest just as you do, knowing most people wont. Just because that is who you are.

If you want to invest your money in ending hunger, like I do, find our from here why?

And if you want to invest in my Run 365 Challenge, not just once but for the next 7 months, go here make an investment, it could be £5 a month, £10 a month or even more, whatever you can afford or cant afford.

Running Machine!

The day before yesterday 11k, yesterday, in the rain, another 11k, this morning, in the dry, a 10k & tomorrow, a 16k & Saturday another 16K!

That’s a world away from 14 months ago to run 1k would’ve been a problem.

That’s what happens when you take on a cause that you are committed to ie ending the need for people to die from hunger. You can do unthinkable things & defy the odds.

I am helped a lot by some fantastic people, my running buddy Mark Quinlan who’s doing the same from Ireland & others who have invested in my Run 365 Challenge. I have named 18 running paths in their honour &  in turn they are helping to spread the word of my project to their circles. 

We are raising an investment to end hunger by helping the Hunger Project do some amazing work in some of the poorest countries by enabling their people to be leaders of their own end to hunger sunstainability.

Today’s run is named after Sangeeta Moore, who is also supplying my mutrition & investing her profit from it to help end hunger.

Will you be able to do something like that for me? Please go to

For more details about the Hunger Project, go:

Can you invest in ending hunger?

This is the 132nd day of my Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project and so far I’ve run the equivalent of 128 x 8 Kilometre runs.

The aim is to raise £3650 to help it meet the cost of ending hunger.

Unlike most charities, what the Hunger Project does is to work with its constituents to transform themselves as leaders and enablers of their own change and success. It is done through epowering and enabling women in those cultures to be leaders and girls to be educated so they become leaders and enablers of their own change of eliminating hunger.

So you are investing in a future not because its goid for them, Im asking to to look at yourself. What if you took on leadership in your own life so that there is no hunger in your life. For your lives are full of hunger as theirs. May be noit food but definitely for success of your careers and businesses. 

So, have a look here, and ask yourself, what can I do in my life that they do in Bangladesh so I’m no longer hungry?

And make an inventment here, by making your investment you are tangibly investing in your own end of hunger.

Back again!

The 18th different route of this Run 365 Challenge, and this one is dedicated to my colleague & generous donor Ginni Smedley, which is that I aim to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project by running the equivalent of 8k for 365 days till 5th June 2021.

This is the 125th 8K in 129 days of the challenge, which means Im 4 days behind. This is because last Sunday I ran a 40k marathon and in doing so shredded my inner thighs! I’m no stranger to running these as this is my 3rd 40k this year and I’ve also run 2 32ks, a 24k and many 16ks in the past but this time I manage to chafe myself quite badly which became a soar. But now its sorted so Km back after 4 days which I will catchup by running 4 16Ks in the next 18 days.

This morning’s run was really great, I really felt Im in my element again with endless running without any problems which is still a source of joy as just merely 2 years ago I was an over weight diabetic and running like this was quite impossible. 

And to be able to raise money to make a big difference to the people that the Hunger Project supports and the way people have been generously donating even though its a really difficult time for them as well right now is amazing. 

If you want to contribute please visit here to find out why?

And to donate, go here:

Come down, the water is lovely

I didnt know there was the London Marathon today, until last night, so on today’s run there were loads of runners with numbers on etc.

And it rained, but about the only good thing you can do on a day like today is to run!

So, I joined in the fun and ran my 40k, which was planned for today in advance, which is worth 5 runs in one, so, I will take the next 3 days off (I took yesterday off as well, ) so were into 121st day of my Run 365.

Help us to make our target of £3650 by 365th day (5/6/21)! Donate:

I was one of those!

This morning at 5.30am when I got up to do my run it was dark, darker than all the year before, and windy and rainy. Really, properly raining.

Twice I took my shoes off after putting them on. Then truned on my music & Jennifer Warnes’s “First We Take Manhatten” came on, its a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s but different lyrics.

And one of the lines go, “See that line that’s moving through the station? I was one of those!”, ( ) which when I hear it, always gets me for it’s poignancy, and how relevant it is to me.

Then, there was no question because this running is not for me, it’s my project Run 365 for the Hunger Project, which is me running the equivalent of 365 8Ks in 365 days to raise £3650 for the work they do in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

And when in 1984 I arrived in London, “I was one of those!” immigrants. i still am.

So this is my way of opening the doors to those others now that I can, because what the Hunger Project does is to work with grassroot communities in those countries to educate and enable women centred self development.

So, if you feel inclined, donate here, if you donate £30 of more, I will name a running route in your honour, like Idid this one, which is for my friend and colleague Sammy McNeal!

Here’s the link for donations:

17 consecutive runs in the last 19 days

Yes, its been an amazing thing to do, and among them are 2 double the normal distance runs as well.

This will continue till Saturday when there would’ve been 20 consecutive runs in 21 days, and then Ill do a 40k on Sunday, that’s 5 days running in 1. That’s how I take a few days off.

This is the life on the run, in doing my Run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project which myself and Mark Quinlan have started since 6th June 2020, to run till 5th June 2021.

We are doing this and making sure you know that were doing this to raise awareness and money so that the Hunger Project can continue it’s work in this extremely difficult time.

What does that mean? Well currently the Hunger Project is involved in training and mobilising 100s of volunteers in Asia (India and Bangladesh), Africa and South America as Covid-19 advisors to help stop the spread of the disease and also to install foot pumps in villages so people can wash their hands. Basic stuff which makes all the difference.

Myself and Mark are aiming to raise £3650 by 5th June ‘21 and so far we have raised £1649. Not bad, but not there yet.

So, can you please help us to get to our target and may be exceed it?

We do what we can do by running every day (or nearly everyday, but on average everyday) and so far its 117 days out of 365.

You can track our progress via Strava;
Here’s me:

And here’s Mark:

What can you do? 
Can you help us? If you donate to my run anything above £30, I will name a running route after you! So far i have 22 donors, 19 of them have 8k routes named after them and 3 have 32 & 40k routes named after them.

And those of you who have donated, can you please spread the word around and ask people you know to donate? You dont have to run, just ask, here’s the link to my donor page:

Ah!! Wet!

I like running in the rain because its cool but the problem is after the run, wet hands and wet phone even with the cover on.

The actual time was 1.06.45 but by the time Strava’s worked out that Ive stopped it has added the rest! And by the time I stopped it was over 1.08...

This is the 2nd time Ive run this route, i was on course for another 1.04.xx but got lost in Regent’s Park. But still enjoyed the run.

This route is dedicated to Teresa Perez who donated to my run 365 challenge.

Next time Ill run it better.

Here’s the link for donations:

Sex & drugs & rocknroll (& running)

Ha ha, was listening to my spotify free play and Ian Dury’s voice came on & it was fun to listen to while running and gave me a spring in my step for sure. (

Anoher double to catchup with the one I missed on Saturday through injury. Its funny, when I ran my 1st 15k last November, I couldn’t walk properly next day and certainly couldn’t run for about 5 days. Now I seem to be able to knock 16k’s off at will and carry on.

This is a lovely route on the canal banks to East London and around Victoria Park and back. This route isnamed after Amanda Maguire who donated generously to my run 365 challenge for The Hunger Project which is me running the equivalent of 8 kilometres a day for 365 days. Today’s day 115. 

The point is to raiae £3650 for the Hunger Project to help fund their programmes in Asia, Africa and Latin America, here are more details:

And if you want to help me to raise £3650 please donate here:

If you donate £30 or more I will name a running route after you.

Unclucky 113 or what?

Huh is 113 unlucky? Yesterday I came out for my run, got in the lift and the lift got stuck! For the first time ever! Apparently the electricity for the whole building went down! Then when I got onto my run, my left knee gave me a lot of pain so I abandoned the run.

Today I started again, decided to go back to history again, running to Tufnell Park past where I was staying when I first arrived in uk in 1984 and I got lost and ended up running in circles. And no matter how fast I tried to run I was very slow! Felt comfortable but had no pace. This is probably the record for my slowest run since starting running in August 2019.

Well, some days are like that. You just get through them. Today’s route, this is the second time I’m running it, and the second time I got lost running it, is named after my old friend and donor Lorraine Wallington. Next time I will polish it up.

All this is due to my Run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project where Im running 8k a day for 365 days to raise £3650 to help the Hunger Project deliver their aims of sustainable development in Asia, Africa-and Latin America and vital Covid-19 education and prevention work they are doing in those countries.

Have a look here for more details:

And if you want to donate, you can do that here:

Again and again I run...

And run and run and run, every day. The idea is to run the eqvuivelant of 8k a day for 365 days and raise £3650 for the Hunger Project from donations of people like that. So far they have donated £769.00!

And I name a different running route after each donor. Today is the 112th 8k in 112 days. And this route is named after Kate Mercer who donated generously to my fund and it goes through Mercer Street!

Why am I running every day come rain or shine is to help fun the work of the Hunger Project, please see what they do here:

And if like me you are imspired then make a donation here:

Half nelson & three fat ladies all in one - Bingo!

Today is the 111th 8k of my run 365 challenge - a half nelson! And I’ve run 888 kilometres, that’s known as 3 fat ladies in bingo.

This route is no 11th of 18 routes I run and is named after my sponsor and potion provider Sangeeta Moore.

If you want a route named after you, you can donate here:

All the money you donate will go to the Hunger Project to support their work in preventing Covid-19 in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as enabling communities develop through self sustaining ways.

See here for more details:

Double with no trouble!

This morning ran another double, with no trouble, it was slow but deliberateky so, as i want to run tomorrow and the day after.

Now I’ve run equivalent to 110 8Ks in 110 days of my run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project. That’s 880 kilometres. My target by the 365th 8K is to raise £3650 from your donations, so far you have donated £769.00.

This is the route 9 of 17 I have run so far,(I actually have18 different routes to run on so far) and dedicated to Adam Cockfield, my Karate teacher from ages ago who has been supporting and encouaring me even before I started this challenge and also has donated generously to my run 365 challenge.

If you want to get fit or learn self defence or learn how to walk properly check out Adam’s page below and join his classes.

For more details of my run 365 challenge and the Hunger Project, please go here (& donate!):

Routes of roots!

And This morning’s 8th route took me through my history in London to 80’s & 90’s and back. Deep roots you could say.

So, this one is named after a friend and donor of my Run 365 Challenge - Parmdeep Jagdav! 

This is my running challenge where I am on the 108th run in 109 days of running the equaivalent of 365 8 kilometres in 365 days to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project which help communities in Asia, Africa & Latin America to emerge themselves out of hunger and poverty. right now thay are heavily involved in Covid-19 education and prevention. 

This is the 8th route out of 18 and im in the process of naming each route after the donors who have so far donated £769.

When you donate, I will name a route after you as well. Let’s see how many routes I can invent!

This is the link to donate:

Rethink refugees!

Didn’t run yesterday, so, I’m a day behind, which I will catchup later by doing a double.

This is run 106 and is one of my favourite routes to to run on and is dedicated one of my favourite people - Patrick Finnegan, who is one of the donors to my efforts to raise £3650 by 5th June 2021 for The Hunger Project.

I hear a lot of talk now about refugees trying to get to UK and human trafficking etc and there is a lot of opposition for this from many people here.

Well, the Hunger Project works to help the communities from Asia, Africa and Latin America to help themselves through self sustainable methods so they don’t need to flee their countries.

So why not contribute to dealing with this problem in a different way?

Here’s the link to donate:

And here is the website for more details. Please take a few minutes to actually look at what they do:

105th 8K of Run 365 Challenge

This route is dedicated to Klara, its through the grand union canal from KingsX to Regent’s Park & back.

Its wild and winding, tranquil and serine and tougher than it looks. Like the lady herself!!

This is one of the routes I run in my Run 365 challenge to run 365 x 8Ks in 365 days to raise funds for the Hunger Project. Currently there are 18! And I have 18 donors already but there are always new possibilities!

You too can have one of the routes named after you if you donate any amount.

Here’s the link:

This is their website, which show you why you should donate:

104th consecutive 8K in this Run365 Challenge!

Eee arr Sam Deane, this is your route!
Up and down, cantankerous, a bit u ruly andat the same time satisfying!

There are 13 more routes and sofar 11 donors remaining to be named, so 2 more left. 

Will you put your name to oneof my running routes in this Run 365 Challenge, of running 365 8 Kilometre runs in 365 days?   

Donate here:

Run 102 of 365 8ks - Agness route!

This morning was the equivalent of my 102nd 8Kilometre run in pursuit of 365 runs by 5th June ‘21!

This is my “Run 365 Challenge!” that I am running from 6th June ‘20 till 5th June ‘21, to run the equivalent of 365 8 kilometre runs in 365 days.

All this is to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project which works in Asia, Africa and Latin America to empower and enable women centred development to relieve hunger by eliminating the causes of hunger jn a self sustaining way. So far I have raised £748 of the £3650. 

Just to keep it interesting, I have developed 17 different running routes run run each morning,    
And ironically, so far there have been 17 donors who donated! 2 very large donations and 15 others.

So, I have deciddd from now on, in recodnition of those donors, to name eah of my running routed after each of my donors! I will be runningit in their honour!

This was rout no 2 this morning, which will be known as Agness Route from now on!

And this was yesterday’s no 1, which is now Anita Route! Lol!

These are the large donors; route Chris which is 32k:

And this is route Ania & Binit which is a whopping 40k!

I will be naming rest if the riutes as I run then in the coming days.

From the current crop of routes I have 2 spare, then I will invent more as more donors donate!

If you want to donate, whether you want a route named after you or not! Here’s the link:

This will run and run and run!

Today I ran another long 32k run as part of my run 365 challenge, it was for yesterday, today and till Friday. Next run is Saturday.

There was no music today, and there wont be till Wednesday as my headphone broke and I cant afford new ones till next week.

So, Im a bit poor right now, so I have an appreciation for those poor people that the Hunger Project works with, to empower them to be leaders of their lives and others.

You too can be one, especially if you are poor like me, just dip into your pocket and add a bit more because you know what its like.

Here’s my fundraising page for the Hunger Project:

Running like a headphoneless chicken

Day 94 of my run 365 challenge! Began slowly and my headphones packed up. It was annoying because I couldnt hear the music and my run times untill later in the run when I pulled off the headphones.

This is the route 14! A brand new and lovely rout through Regent’s Park. Again, slow today, 14 consecutive days of running after my last break, the bones & muscles seem to collect fatigue although it doesn’t feel like it. Im always running as fast as I can with a little to spare and some times Strava says “last kilometre 4.09 seconds” and another time “9.45 seconds”. I have no idea which is which when Im doing it.

All this is to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project. My target was £900 by yesterday but it didnt happen.

So, Im trying again to get you to part with some money!

Why? Well, every penny of your money goes to the work done by the hunger project to aliviate hunger in Asia, Africa and Latin America by enpowering women in rural communities to be leaders and invent sustainable self development.

I am an odd ball needing things to be evan

So, missing a run, quite legitimately from my run 365 challenge was burning a hole in my head.

So, today, being a lovely day, I set about to do a double, ie run 16k to make things even.

Its also a brand new route I havent run before which I have been thinking of doing for some time. I didn’t run too fast as I have to run my usual 8k tomorrow again and running too fast is one major reason for injuries. But it was really easy in the end. 

Im doing this because Im hungry! Ending hunger starts when you empower people.
821 million people do not have enough to eat.
Through a women-centred and community-led approach, The Hunger Project works to end extreme hunger and poverty by 2030, so, Im hungry to end hunger in the world, so Im running to raise £3650 by running 365 x 8ks in 365 days for the Hunger Project.

So far, I have raised £722 through the generocity of many people, and I need more generous people to pay more.

This is my breakfast this morning after my run, many people are not that lucky, you are lucky because you have the means to be able to read this and ignore it or you can also choose to do something about it and donate.

Here’s the link for donations:

In my element!

Yesterday was the 1st time in 88 days since starting my “Run 365 Challenge” that I had to take a day off for an injury!

I jarred my right knee by getting off the bed awkwardly the night before, it was very soar, so I rested it yesterday. I will catch it up next Tuesday or Wednesday when I will run a 32K! 

This is my 10th route, the 3rd new one, and this is the 2nd time Ive run in this direction, towards the city, and I did cover a bit of this in my 40k 2 weeks ago, this time I adjusted it! I will probably adjust it again next time too.

The run itself felt really great, although I was running catiously, my maintenance run, I hardly felt the soar knee, and the speed was faster than I expected. I felt in control and in my element, which is a very common experience in running which I find really enjoyable.

All this, as you know, is in aid of The Hunger Project. So please visit here and give generously, everything you give counts:

I’ll never run again!

This was what I said in 2006 after running for 7 years from 1999 - 2006! In the end I couldn’t run for the bus! I started to run to give up smoking, as I couldn’t in any other way.

I followed all the advise, did my warm ups before and warm downs after and ate healthily. But I ran on the wrong shoes untill nearly the end and my running posture was wrong, no one knew it then. So, I damaged my knees to the point I couldnt rven run for the bus!

Come August 2019! I started to run again, very cautiously. For the 1st year of my getting back to health, I didnt run at all! Instead I built up endurance! 

So, last August when I started to run, I could run and run and run!

From 23rd August ‘19, 10th November, I had run 403.26 Kilometres (using the running app Map my run), excluding my 1st 3 runs from 18th - 20th August when I ran 3 and a half hours without knowing the distance. 

And then from 11th November ‘19 to now, I’ve made 169 runs & 1544 kilometres! Using Strava.

So, in total Ive run 1947 kilometres from 23rd August to now and may be additional 20k in the 1st 3 days.

And this is today’s run, my 87th 8K in the last 87 days, as part of my Run 365 Challenge:

So, thst’s a total of 696 kilometres since 6th June ‘20. This is a running challenge I took with my running buddy Mark Quinlan and we are aiming to run an equivalent of 365 8ks in my case and 365 5ks in Mark’s case by 5th June 2021, 365 days to raise £3650 for the hunger project to help it carry on the vital work that they do.

And so far, I have raised, £722 and Mark £860! And my target by 6th September is to raise £900. So, Im short by £178.

What would it take for you to help me to get to my target? Because I can run as much as I want to, but unless you give I cant raise it. 

If you want to ask why you should give, as there are so many needs right now for your money, I cant really say much other than point you to the Hunger Project’s website, so, you can see for yourself why you should help me.
So, have a look here:

And if you have been following my running so far, you know I put a lot of my cooking photos on  Facebook (& Linked In). 

So, to incentivise you to give, may be I can start a competition between today (Monday 30/8) and next Sunday 6th September.

The 3 people who donate the most money (in excess of £50) towards getting me to £900 by next Sunday will get;

1) 3rd highest donation - a sourdough bread loaf (made by myself with whatever combination of fillings and mixes you like), it will help me a lot if a few of you who have received my bread tell others what they taste like!)

2) 2nd highest donation - a personally cooked lunch, breakfast or dinner, made by me according to your preference.

3) and the highest donation - a personal cooking lesson by me to you in your own home to cook one of my best combination of dishes (any style, vegan, veggie, fish or meat, savory or sweet!).

So, here’s the link for donations:

Fund my run 365 and eat well for a year!

After my 85th 8k in 85 days non stop, this is the breakfast! Just lovely chicken curry (with greens) and sourdough bread (made with 50% wheat & 50% rye flour) still warm.

If you sponsor my Run 365 Challenge for the Hunger Project, for £365 over a year, that is £30.41 x 11 + £30.49, I will make and deliver to you one of these (there are many verities in the range) Sourdough bread loaves once a month for 12 months!!

Here’s the link:

And here’s why you might want to do that:

And this is the Hunger Project’s resoonse to Covid-19:

#83 of 365 - Run 365 Challenge

So far raised £712 of £3650, help me to get to £900 by the 6th of Sepember ?

Read this:

And this:

Today is the 81st day of my run 365 challenge! 

Which Im doing to raise much needed money for The Hunger Project where I have pledged to run the equivalent of 8k a day for 365 days, in total 2920k, in a year and raise £3650 for the Hunger Project.

(See what they do here:

This seems like doing the same thing over and over again which most people love to do when doing unproductive things like procrastination and self sabotage but not productive things like making a business or relationship work.

I also find repetition boring and uninspiring, so, I’m injecting a bit of fun into my project.

This is route #3 of 14 which I run now, i will find 17 more by #14, then I will run a different route each day of a month, in running the rest of the 284 days. That’s when Im mot running a 16, 32 or 40k when I want to rest.

What do you do to inject some fun into your life? Or do you like repeating yourself over and over again?

Either way, break the habit, have some fun in contributing to my run 365 challenge and “do something!

Living the life of Ken!

Today’s the 79th day of my run 365 challenge.

And after running 8k just the breakfast to set the rest of the day, this is leftover pork curry from last night and a few slices of my sourdough bread.

Then Im off to work in Camden doing my frontline presense work, walking around Camden talking to people and businesses about keeping safe from Covid-19. (I get paid for that).

And then having few calls this evening about my coaching programme.

And then my mission that Im on right now to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project with Mark Quinlan.

We have both completed #79 days of our run 365 challenge. And sofar raised £1634! Nearly half of our goal.

Why? Because we want to make a difference to those people who  are hungry to learn to be self sufficient and develop themselves. So, we arevasking you to keep donating.

Here’s the link:

3rd Wednesday of August 2019 I took a step in a new direction (literally).

Thank you Klara (and everyone else who donated), your donations makes this all worth while! 

This morning I just completed a 40kilometer run!

Because it was the 3rd Wednesday of August 2019 that I Woke up at 6am and put on my new running shoes and was determined to run for a whole hour without stopping! And I did! And repeated the same the next day, and on Friday I got cocky and said, Im going to run for a whole 90 minutes without stopping! And I did!! (My profile picture is fhe actual photo from that day!)

Then, the following week, I got a running app called Mapmyrun and ran 10ks a day for 5 days out of 7! 

So, thank you so much for your generosity and I hope you are inspired to do something like that yourself too!

I can tell you its amazing!

If anyone else want to donate go here:

Dogs, death & life

Day 69 of my run 365 challenge was going to be an easy run on an old familliar route after the last few days exploring new routes.

At the start, when I was crossing a local park, a dog came to play with me, although playful initially, it tried to get more of the response from my by jumping up on me and then playfully biting me, but it didnt know its strength. The owner came and took it off. But while playing with the dog I somehown managed to mess my head phones and it stopped working! This is the 3rd set of headphones in 3 week! They are so fickle!

Then when I finally entered the canal bank, there was police and paramedics dealing with a man who seemed to hve been pulled up from the canal, wasnt sure what it was about, but when I was returning back that part of the path was closed so the man must have died!

Quite distrssing to think this peaceful, tranquil place can also be deadly. And fortunate to remember the gift of being alive and being able to do what I’m doing and my dead headphones isnt that muchof an issue really considering all the problems in ghe world.

Which incidentally is why I am doing this crazy stunt, of running 8k a day for 365 days a year to raise £3650 for the hunger project!

This is to support their vital work right now in training and mobilising many volunteers to help inform and educate people about protecting themselves from the corona virus in India, Bangladesh, Africa and Latin America and to install water pumps to enable villegers to wash their hands regularly.

So, please go here and donate something to help them:

Think the unthinkable, do the undoable!

My 4th new route! Just went that a way and let it unfold. And in good speed despite some unfamiliar places. Well set for tomorrow’s 40k.

In good time too as tomorrow is exactly 2 years from the day I started my fightback agains type 2 diabetes and obesity. Then running 40 yards would have been unthinkable for me never mind 40 kilometres.

What is unthinkable to you now is only an illusion! If you take a stand and take action in time you will make it.

My stand is a world where no one goes hungry! So, I have started this “Run 365 challenge” to raise £3650 to help the Hunger Project do some amazing work to empower and educate people in Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America to end their own hunger. 

But right now, unless you’ve been living in a box in the last 6 months, you know there is a world wide pandemic, well, the Hunger Project are training and mobilising 1000s of volunteers to educate the villagers of the countries they operate in to stop the spread of Covid-19.

So, please go here and donate:

Calamity Ken!

Ah! It was like calamity Ken today! Had to stop the attempted 40k, my phone got sodden with sweat and I couldn’t hear announcements and my music stopped. 

And I was wearing my cycling trousers and they were too tight and by 13th kilometre was painful! I stopped and took them off and then my trousers split when I was bending down to tie my shoe laces! What a pain!! Ill do it again on Wednesday with fresh trousers.

Will run 11k tomorrow that will catchup with the missed run on Friday and on Tuesday will do  8k as usual and then a 40k on Wednesday all over again. The same route as today and a bit more. That will workout as 5 days worth of running including next Wednesday.

All this is because of my run 365 challenge! Its a mammoth undertaking that myself and my running friend Mark Quinlan have taken up to raise money to help the Hunger Project to do their valuable work in ending hunger by self sustainable women centred empowerment work. 

Right now they are doing amazing work in mobilising 100s of volunteers to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in India, Bangladesh, sub Saharan Africa and Latin America. Go here and donate away! 

I am running 8 kilometres a day for 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 5th June 2021, and Mark is running 5k a day.

We aim to raise £3650 or more by the end. So, go here and do something!

If you are a runner, you are very wemcome to join us! Its really hard but really amazing!

What would you do?

#62 of Run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project

Uh! Running at 5am is not a good idea. I did that to help out a business friend with networking.

Didn’t run a new route as I said yesterday, it was too early. Will do tomorrow.

Anywho, its exatcly 2 months since Mark & I started this run 365 challenge and there’s only 10 more to go. 

I got up 4.30am so I can run before helping my friend with his business networking thing, what will you do to help me with my fundraising thing?

You can pay a one off amount or a monthly amount for a year, 365 days!

Or you can join us and run number of kilometres a day for another 363 days and help us raise £3650 by 5th June 2021!

Brand new route!

I had a rough idea of where and how far it would be but I underestimated how long 8K is and I’m never sure of Strava’s calculations. 
But next one I know how to make it smoother.

Tomorrow, another new route! Exciting this!

This is my 61st 8 kilometre run of my Run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project. The idea is to run 365 8Ks in 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 6th June 2021. And my friend Mark Quinlan is also in my team is running 5k a day as well. And we aim to raise £3650 by 6th June 2021.

So, what woukd it take? Well, so far we have collectively received £858.16! In just a day under 2 months. That’s approx £429 a month!! And if you keep donating this way, we would be raising £5148 by the end!

So, please keep donating. This money will make so much of a difference to the work of the Hunger Project who are right now mobilising a huge number of volunteers in several countries to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

So far so good

60 days, 60 runsof 8 Kilometres a day!
305 more to go. Not celebrating too much as still a lomg way to go.

So, head down and keep on running.
This is mine and Mark’s “run 365 challenge” to run 13 kilometres a day for 365 days combined to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project.

Dont get angry about the hungry! Instead do something like donating here it will go a long way to sustainably ending the causes of chronic persistent hunger that exists in the world.

Ah busy bodies!!

This was my 59th 8 Kilometre run in my “Run 365 Challenge” for the Hunger Project, which myself and my running friend Mark Quinlan has taken on to do.

And this route is my 6th of now very familiar 7 routes a week I run.

And after yesterday’s slow run I was determined to get back to being faster, as before, I ran the 1st kilometre easy and then starred to put weight behind my steps.

And by the end I was galumping down the narrow regents canal from Camden Loch, if I ran the last kilometer in 7minutes and a bit seconds, I would finish in 1 hour. 

So, I was sprinting but just as I entered one last narrow tunnel under a bridge there was the familier sight of the dustman and his cart. I usually greet him with a “hi” but today, he had placed his cart right in the middle of the narrow path and was picking up trash from the canal. So, I had to hit breaks and stop and squeeze my way past his cart. Sarcastically I said “oh thanks mate!” But he didnt get it, he said “my pleasure mate!”

And the lady in the phone announced “8 kilometres” “Time 1 hour 1 minute and .. seconds”. Well that was that.

So, I got 1 more day to try and break into 57 minute xx seconds fastest run so far since August 2019 when I started running.

Check in tomorrow and see if I beat it or not.

If you’re feeling warm and generouse, then donate here:

It’s a mystery

As Toyah Wilcox sang, before most of you were born, “Its a mystery!”

I cant understand my body?! This is the #5th route of my 7 routes! And the flattest! And I ran as fast as I could but could never run under 8minutes a k today! 

But still, I ran, and ran, like a wildebeest!  

(if you want to follow mine and Mark’s daily runs join Starva, it’s free:

Now you pay and pay and pay. Its for my charity The Hunger Project. To bring and end to hunger.

I started slow and ended fast!

In the right direction of my quest to run fastest ever since starting running in last August.

This is the #4th of my usual 7 routes that I run over a week. Even though it was quite hot even at 6.45am I still managed to shave off 3 minutes from yesterday’s run.

And last week with people’s help I have raised £666 so far myself for my charity The Hunger Project & my running buddy Mark Quinlan has accumulated £457 with more promised on our way to raise £3650 by 6th June 2021.

So, any of you runners who follow me, may be you could donate too and help us on our way!

Certainty in an uncertain world

Route #3 of my 7 weekly routes in my Run 365 Challenge.

Come on Strava, get it together! Ive run this route once a week since January and your kilometres seem to vary each time. Today kilometre #7 took a very long time! But overall i was stil faster than yesterday. 

This is the same run a few weeks back (slightly different route....

So 3 out of 4 days into my quest to run the fastest. 4 more runs to go and I need to run an 8 k in 57 minutes! Do you think I can do it or not?

Taking bets now! Please donate your bet to the Hunger Project! That way someone wins either way. In a world with so much uncertainty and lac of integrity, the Hunger Project help their communities to create certainty for themselves, especially as the current covid-19 pandemic is causing such havoc in the countries they operate in.

#55 of Run 365 challenge, from stiffness to strength.

Started very crabby this morning! Felt my hips very stiff & tight. I know because yesterday after my shorter run I didn’t do my cold water treatment!  All these things matter, you only notice when you lapse.

But I took my time warming up and sped up later and in the end posted a decent time for me.

This is #2 of my 7 routes I run over each7 days. Ive run these for almost a year now fo after these 7, I will look for new ones as I very easily get bored when I repeat the same thing again and again.

Which reminds me to remind you that the reason for this is to raise money for the excellent work of The Hunger Project. Myself & my friend Mark Quinlan have taken on this “run 365 challenge” to run 365 times in 365 days for a whole year to raise £3650 for the Hunger Project’s work.

I know some of you have been watching there runs since the beginning. It’s ok, I have a whole year to persuade you to donate. But it would be nice if you could start now. It will make a huge difference.

My ambition has become a curse!

My ambition has become a curse! 

As part of my back to health road map of coming back from obesity and diabetes to health and fitness I have taken on the practice of intermittent fasting. But last night I baked my rye sourdough loaf for today, but me being a greedy thing decided to eat a slice, and then another and half of it with the venison curry sauce from my lunch. Because I said to my self “ah you can run it off tomorrow!”.

And so I ran this morning and it was slow. It felt almost like Im running around my stomach. And it was probably the slowest Ive run. So, that’s how my ambition has become a curse. 

So, from tonight, Ill go back to my intermittent fasting as tomorrow is the 1st of my 7 routes. I’ll set myself a target of running the fastest 8k so far within these 7 runs.

How is your ambition going? Does it become a curse to you too?
My other ambition by doing this is to raise money for the Hunger Project.
I see a lot of your social media posts about social justice, equality and environment all good words and ideas. What I’m doing is to help the Hunger Project apply those same ideas and ideals to the people in India, Bngladesh, sub Saharan Africa and Latin America where there is chronic persistent hunger.

Its a real and practical way of allowing an organisation to do what you preach in reality.

So, get into action here. Put money where your mouth is.

#52 of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days

Started slow and was getting faster but red traffic lights slowed me down having to stop and start. This is #6 of my 7 weekly running routes. Both 6 & 7 are long street routes.

But still I managed to cut 2 minutes off yesterdays run. And its always when I’m listening to my movement meditation tracks. It gives me so much stamina whenI connect to music and allow it to move me, first in my mind which translate to my feet, then i in my body - hips, shoulders, neck and spine, then connecting to the spirit of the music, then to a state of blissfulness and finally stillness. 

Why myself and Mark Q are doing this mad thing is because we are raising money for the Hunger Project which works to help hungry people end their own hunger by reeducating themselves from a poverty mindset to a leadership mindset.

Check what they do here:
And donate money here:

I need something to change your mind!

#51 of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days!

I need something to change your mind!

#50 of 365 x 8 Ks in 365 days 4 THP

50 days already, 7 more of those and 15 days that’s all.

All this is to raise money for The Hunger Project to end hunger. So, give generously here:

One thousand and one runs, is a bit like one thousand and one nights. An epic. Not a myth though!

Strava, my running app has notified me that I have run 1001 kilometres since 1st January 2020!

Its an amazing milestome in my adventure loosing weight and reversing type 2 diabetes and allowing my running make a difference to others via my fund rasining for the Hunger Project.

I’m ever so grateful and humbled that I can do this at my age when others with a similar diagnosis are stsying in homes isolating themselves.

It has taken a lot of courage, commitmemt and communication to be successful and make it happen. 

Long may it continue and I am always grateful for our generocity whenever you choose to show it by donating.

If you feel inclined to support please go here and donate:

If not, well, thank you for reading this far anyway. I will get you at somepoint you know? So, might as well succumb now.

Back again!

My 48th of 365 x 8 K runs in 365 days. But this one was slow. It’s something Ive noticed before when I run a lot and take time off. Only 6k today as I ran 42 k last Sunday. Feels good still.

So, back to annoy you again with my requests for donations to support The Hunger Project. 

Its would be great if you sponsor my run 365 challenge that I am doing with my running buddy Mark Quinlan. 

I’m running the equivalent of 8 kilometres a day for 365 days & Mark is running 5k a day. Together we’re aiming to raise £3650 in 365 days. We started on 6th June 2020, my 56th birthday and we will finish on 6th June 2021, or is it 5th? Whenever its 365 days.

You can sponsor us with a one off  payment or a monthly payment.

If you sponsor us for £365 which works out at £30.41 a month for 12 months, I will personally bake and send you my r ye or wheat sourdough bread loaves once a month for 12 months. 

I think though, it would help you more if you donate than me. Because you will feel better. I know this might not be in your camp of “worthy causes” to support. But it is about ending hunger in the world by education and empowerment. If you are into education and empowerment, it will empower you to make a contribution. If youre not into education and empowerment then at some point yiu will realise without it there is no progress. 

Here’s the link:

My 1st marathon!

Its one of the hardest things Ive ever done, but I did it. You really discover who you are when you take on a challenge like this. 

This is the 43rd (to 47th) of 365 8K runs in 365 days I am running for the Hunger Project.

Its worth all this trouble to help them raise money to end hunger in a sustainable way.

So, help me by donating here. I know it wont be easy, but if you commit to making a difference and do it regardless of you negative mind it will also be a victory for you. Do you know who you are besides your negative mind? May be it’s time to discover.

Defiance is my middle name

#41 of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days.

Hello! Back here again on Strava. Got used I think for running without announcements & music. This is the 6th route of 7 routes I run, but this is the shortest version. I will add them all here as I go on.

Edited this after my run on the way just like on Saturday but I was awake. May be its a wakeup call to be present & conscious.

All this is in aid of the Hunger Project, to help develop sustainable women centred development to end hunger by ending the causes of hunger.

#39 of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days for THP

Well, after my 36th run on Saturday morning, while I was fiddling with my phone uploading it to Strava my running app and Facebook etc, a guy on a bike snatched it off my hand and rode off with it.

It was annoying and inconvenient, but it failed to stop my runs or my life, although I couldn't use my running app, I still ran every morning my 8Ks, because nothing has changed as far as I was concerned.

I think I will run 8 Kilometres every day for the rest of my life, because I can at the age of 56, and I am doing it publicly like this not because I am a narcissist but because I am raising money to help the Hunger Project their work to empower people from poor countries to self sustain themselves.

So, go here and donate please, either as a one off or a monthly donation.

I didn't stop when most people would have and you shouldn't stop helping people to help themselves either.

Do you ever feel like the circumstances aren’t really good for doing something and then stop?

I woke up as usual to do my run 365 challenge, which means, I’ve taken it upon myself to run 8 kilometres a day for 365 days from my last birthday to next, to raise money for the Hunger Project which works with communities in Asia, Sub Saharan Aftica & North America to enable communities to develop themselves through women centred education and development work. 

Today was day 33 of 365 days, and when I looked out it was grey and raining. Not very inviting to run in the wet. But I made a promise so I was not giing to duck out of it that easily.

So, I set about running, and it was great, because the weather was cool I was able run quite fast and felt very good. Sometimes when the weather is good it gets too hot and I struggle to run fast and dont feel good.

This is often how people in poor countries feal when the rich countries try to dictate condition as to how to help their poor people. If we can instead listen to their concerns and enable them to find their own solutions to their problems and empower them to do that. It makes all the difference. They know it’s raining and they know what to do to make the best of it for themselves.

This is why I am so passionate about the work of the Hunger Project. Because that is what they do.

My aim is to raise £3650 from my challenge. So, can you help me to make it happen by going to the link below and making a donation?

You can donate anything. For example £2 a month for 12 months will be £24 one off donation or £2 a momth for 12 months. Either is fine. But, if you can donate £365, or £30.41 for 12 months. I will send you once a month one of my hand crafted rye sourdough loaves for the entire 12 months and teach you how to do that for yourself at the end.

On we go...

#32 of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days 4 THP (The Hunger Project)

All good and solid no annoying niggles etc. Working myself to do 43k at some point this month. That’s a marathon! Never done that before.

What would you like to do that you haven’t done before? You can work upto it!

And here’s my latest creation in rye sourdough bread baking. Its got spicy chorizo sausages, olives and Parmesan cheese. 

Another thing is, if you are not happy to donate to my
charity, you can help a lot by downloading Starva, the app, its free and you can use it for walks, hikes, bike rides and more yourself. Just follow myself (Ken Hettiarachi) and Mark Quinlan and ? us. That really helps. This is today’s run:

If you have never donated to the hunger project before, check their details and my blog here:

Grateful to be alive and be able to do this!

Month 1 (31 days) of 12 months (365 days) of 8 x Ks for the hunger Project is done and only 11 more to go.
Myself and Mark Quinlan are doing well with it.

Just this weekend I heard an uncle of a good friend of mine has died of Covid-19 and he was only 55! Im just 56 a month ago. So, really, Im very grateful to be alive and well, especially as back in August 2018, I weighed over 100kgs and had type 2 diabetes and fatty liver associated with that.

Now I’m between 87-89kgs and no diabetes. And taking on this challenge has really been a pleasure.

I know if you read these updated before I was moaning about not getting any more donations. So far in a month I have recived £539 of £3650 Im looking for.  So, that’s really cool. Thank you again who donated.

But its ok if you just look at this as another annoying intrusion into your life with so many things to work on.  I’m really glad to be alive, healthy and out of risk. 

If you want to donate, here’s the link:

If you want to join the team go here:

All gour donations will go to help people in the developing world to end their own hunger. 

If you donate the top donation £365, or £30.41 a month for 12 months! You will still get from me a monthly hand made rye sourdough bread loaf with all sorts of interesting additions like nuts etc 12 times in 12 months. This is my running buddy Mark Quinlan with his latest this one filled with tuna & caramelised onion!

Impossible? No it isn't

Not going to happen?! Yes it is! And it did happen.

Gosh, this really wasnt going to happen until it did!

Im on a running challenge since 6th June to run 8K a day for 365 days with my running friend Mark Quinlan from Dublin, but to preserve my health and joints, I have elected to run some 8Ks in advance so I can build up a few days break while also sticking to my pledge.

So far I have managed quite easily to extend myself to 16 & 24ks and some 15ks as well. 

But 32k was always illusive. The last time I tried it, I had to pull out after 10k because of a painful knee. That was a few days before I started this challenge, so I didnt have time to get that under my belt. 

This morning when I got up my dodgy left knee was soar and the right one as well.

Running 32K was distincly not a possibility. But I am now getting used to going beyond what’s not possible almost as a habit now.

So, I set about very cautiously at first, just to see what’s possible. Not necessarily thinking Ill be doing it.

And sure enough within a few minutes my right knee was feeling it. But I have learnt to run mechanically correctly in a way that allows me to run quite well while having aches and pains without injuring myself. So I deployed that and a neat trick I have learnt from the Landmark Forum (May 1995) called disappearing! So, I have been doing that after and before my runs but not while Im on a run upto now, but today I applied that while running. And the pain kept disappearing and finally it went completely and my speed shot up! Wave after wave of either physical issues or mind stuff came to stop me or to pull out, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other and being just present to the road ahead and listening to my amazing music.

“Why are you doing this you silly sausage?” You might be telling yourself. Well it’s to raise money for the Hunger Project.

Imagine you are a 12 year okd girl growing up in rural India, and one day your folks bring this old man into your house and say, “this is your husband love!” And pay his familiy a lot of money or land or cows as a dowry. You get married ans go to live with his family. Soon you become pregnant, have a child and as youre a woman you also will have to earn the money, get the food and cook it, and the older men eat first, then your child and then you if anything’s left over.

The Hunger Project works to end this barbaric practice.

I know some of you’ve been seeing my posts regularly and my fundraising page has had over 300 hits with not much success in donors.

There have been some amazing individuals who donated. But most just look and pass.

This makes me I feel like a trick monkey in the market. 
The monkey is dressed by the owner and trained to perform acrobatics and riding a bicycle etc. And after the performance is over and the handler gets his cap out for the money, everybody disappear. A few polite people chuck in a few couns. But that’s it.

Most of you’re doing the same with this.
Like this morning my aches and pains seems to make things more impossible for me to run, what’s making it impossible to make a contribution? Look at it and address it. It will be great for you.

And here’s the link to go and make a donation.

 And here is the run. Its in 2 halves: 

Keeping a promise

So, this morning I set out to see if I can go faster than yesterday, but then there was a pain in my left knee, so, I had to tone it down, and do a safe run, which actually worked to the point the pain was gone by the time I stopped after 8K.

Well, sometimes you just have to do what you said without frills and be satisfied.

What do you do to satisfy yourself without the frills?

This is the challenge of taking a seemingly impossible task, but there is growth in it.

This challenge is all because I want to make a difference by helping the Hunger Project to do its sustainable development in the developping world.

You can help by making a small regular donation here

Aha moment from today’s run

Ha? what?

The lady who lives in my iPhone who counts the kilometres said (3 kilometres, time 19minutes & x seconds, the previous kilometre , 5minutes 9 seconds!)?! I think today’s run its equal to my 2nd fastest

I have been studying these phenomena that happens occasionally and this time I have an idea a hunch, why? But I will try it next 2 days and see.

(i have notified Strava to actually check if these “quick” kilometres are real or not. Will let you know.)

Free coaching to find your “walk in the park” from ”I ain’t going there!”

Cooler and fresher and did 3 minutes faster than yesterday. 

When I woke up there was tropical rain. Usually the time to stay in. And it was no problem for me to run. You could say it was a walk in the park!

Funny thing is I can remember this time last year, running was the last thing I had on my mind! Like some people say to me now when I mention I run, they say “oh no! I cant run because I injured my this thing or that!” I too injured my knees quite badly from previous running. 

So, now running to me is like a walk in the park! And a walk in the park? Well, not like a walk in the park!

What is your “that’s the last thing I’d do” even though it will really help you? I am happy to offer you 1 hours free coaching to help you to turn that into a walk in the park in return for you sponsoring my run, anything from £2 a month for 12 months to £30.41 a month for 12 months!

#thehungerproject  #run365challenge  #endhunger

Three in one!

Today I decided to run 24k, to buy myself 2 days without running while still keeping to the agreement of 365 x 8Ks in 365 days. Three days run in one.

But music makes such a difference to my speed of running. Because it’s a long run and sometimes I get carried away by the music and get careless and trip and fall, I decided to run without music, and i was doing all the same physical mechanical manoeuvres but the speeds was lacking. I worked out music probably helps me to run at least a minute faster.

While running I heard a lady walking down the road and speaking on the phone to someone saying “no no I really don’t think Im upto this, I cant make it work, I just need to stand down!” Gosh I thought, I have absolutely no idea what made her say that but how many times have I thought the same things about my stuff be it business, work, relationships, money and even this challenge? 

It is such a privilege to be able to say “Im going to run 365 x 8Ks a year to raise money for THZp and do it. I see many visitors going to my fundraising page and not doing anything. Then I think “oh why bother?” But why not? 

As that line from that epic poem “Invictus” says “It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul”

Be the captain of your soul!

Keep going come rain or shine

16th 8K of 365 in 365 days for the Hunger Project.

Woke up this morning and looked out and it was raining and grey. The first thought was “urrgghh”!

But I have a mission to run 365 8Ks in 365 days and if I miss it today I’d have to run 16k! So, better get on with it. And also sone lovely people have paid good money to support the Hunger Project to help sustainable end to hunger in he developing world.

So, no question I was going to run. And once it was fine, and because it was cool, the run was pleasing too.

Thank you very much for those of you who donated so far! 

If anyone else like to, just click the donate button

Seems like forever

#15th of 365 x 8Ks a yeeeaaarrrr! 

Seems like forever

But this is where the 3rd C of my 3C’s in life comes in (1st 2 are, Commitment & Courage), which is Communication.

This isn’t the communication that we do with others which in total would probably add up to about 1% of our communication. The other 99% of out communication happens in between our ears.

Its this communication that said “seems like forever!” I just caught it. If I didn’t, it’d be the 1step in me finding ways to not honour my commitment of running 365 x 8ks in 365 days for the Hunger Project to help it’s work in ending hunger in the world.

What’s the communication in your head that says, “yes I’ll contribute, I’m up for ending hunger!” Vs “donates? I wish someone donate to me!”?

Ran like an old cheetah!

Felt all creaky and achey in the morning, ran 1st k slowly. I knew it was a flat track so just allowed my body to take over but on the last kilometre went for it like an old cheetah! It felt like its taking forever but it was under 7minutes. The woman in Strava actually said I did it in 59 minutes and sone seconds but went over the hour while I was faffing about with the phone to stop the clock. 2 weeks out of 52 and bit weeks. Feeling good.

2nd of my 3C’s is Courage! Courage is to take action while doubting and being daunted by a challenge. When the universe impose on you a challenge its daunting and you doubt whether you’d survive this. 
But this challenge is not imposed on me. 

I took this “run 365 challenge” upon myself because I was inspired by the courage of the people who face that imposed challenge of chronic persistant hunger  in Bangladesh, India and other places.

Have a look at this:

And if you would like to take up the xhallenge of contributing, then please go here and donate

#run365challenge #thehungerproject  #donate 

Im running... in the rain

It was raining, and the 1st kilometre of my run was ip a hill, but i ran up it a bit like water running down a waterfall. A bit cautiously as everything gets slippery in the rain. But the rain eased by the end and there was a slight glimpse of the sun.

Every time I get up to run, there is some thing or the other to obstruct me, either I feel physical creaks here and there or weather is too hot or rainy. But the challenge makes me stick to the plan, and the fact that i’ll have to run extra if I miss a run also get’s me on. But once I start, it all shifts.  

That’s all about Commitment. the 1st C of my 3Cs. Commitment is unwavering, unstoppable and relentless. And that’s how it shall be in facing this challenge.

If you want to contribute then that’ll be great, and that will be your challenge. And as for me 1st thing in the morning there are million reasons not to run, I guess you too have million reasons not to donate. So, its not about whether you like or not. Its about whether you commit or not.

#holisticwellness  #run365challenge  #thehungerproject  #endhunger 

The earth move under my feet...

At first it feels like In that creaky Kryton from the Red dwarf But when I get into my stride it all eases and I sink into that comfy feeling & then I feel the earth move under my feat and the sky tumbling down!  

Myself and Mark Q are running 8 & 5k’s respectively a day for 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 5th June 2021 to raise £3650 for the hunger project.

Its to help THP do their work of empowering and enabling women centred sustainable community development in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America to help end the chronic persistent hunger that exists in those countries now made worse by the current pandemic.

Your no money will go directly train community facilitators to mobilise and facilitate community engagement with issues such as child marriage and fgm.

Please click this link and donate any anount you can give:

11th day adventist!

11th day of 365 days of 8k’s. After a tricky start with stiff legs after my physical exploits of Saturday and Sunday, felt really good as I kept going. Enjoyed the weather and the sunshine.

Its my running technique that is helping me to keep going. And my mindset which I would say caprices of Commitment, Courage & Communication the tools I use to coach people as a leadership coach. 

People all the time say “anything is possible” like a mantra! But the moment they are faced with an opportunity for “anything” to be made possible! For every one, “nothing” is possible. Its all talk and twaddle to impress themselves and others.

To grow and develop, at some point you have to call the bailiffs in for your bankrupt existence. Then you can really “make - anything possible”.

Ironically, that’s what the Hunger Project does, with people who’s lives are unimaginably stuffed with poverty and societal burdens which keeps them stuck in the cycle of poverty and chronic persistent hunger.

You are the same! Only, your poverty is the lack of care you have for anyone else but you while pretending to care. To break free of it, you will have to own up to it, then you will have to “make - that it is possible” and act, beyond feelings or talk.

Ups, downs and in betweens of a long distance runner!

Well, as those of you who have followed my runs from when I started have noted, there are days that are really good, then there are days that are disasters and there are those days that are hmm sluggish! Meaning I end up running like a slug! We’ll that was today. Not surprising as I ran a 16k on Saturday and did a quite energetic movement meditation session yesterday my body has had a lot of pounding. So, I’m happy that its working at all never mind the speed. Which still isn’t a bad speed for me which I always do with effortless ease!!

So, as the circus chimp who rode rode the bike at the end says! “Ladies and gentlemen, put some coins in this hat!”

It’s for a fantastic cause! Here’s more info about it!

Thundering typhoons! I've done it

Wow! The fastest 8k since I started running last August! The fastest kilometre as well 5.41, my 2nd. This is doing something to me that I don’t know about. Really great feeling that my body is fully into this now way before I expected. And Im not even trying! Really excited for the future now. Was a bit scared of the enormity of the undertaking. Not anymore.

Actually the secret in part is my movement meditation. Yesterday which was my fastest or equal fastest before today I was listening to one of my movement meditation sets and it really helped me to let go and this morning I was listening to a suggested tracks offer from Spotify, and there were a few track I didnt like but I forgot about it abd got connected with them and allowed me to express the rhythms in my running. It worked so well.

And as always, all this is in aid of The Hunger Projrct. So, please go here and donate. Any amount is fine.

And if you want to check out my movement meditation session, it’s tomorrow morning at 9am.

They went out and happened to things!

From my running buddy Mark...

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things" ~Elinor Smith

Accomplishment ...  I have taken on running the 365 Challenge with my friend Ken Hettiarachi, we will run every day for 365 days, yes, a whole year .. Ken is committing to 8k per day, myself to 5k per day for The Hunger Project, (whose T shirt I'm wearing), "Making the impossible possible" Ken & I have now completed Day 7- Ken has completed 56.01 kms averaging 8.01 per day and I have completed 36.36 kms averaging 5.19 - If this inspires you, please jump on the link -…/kennethhettiarachi…


7 dsys in...

Day 7 of 365 8ks for the Hunger Project!

Quite possibly my fastest ever or equal fastest run since I started running back in August 2019.

But at no stage was I trying to run fast, I was just following my natural bio mechanics and bio rhythm, I knew quite soon it was a spacial run but didn’t get carried away as I knew from previous experience that’s when you lose concentration and topple over.

All this is in aid of raising money for the Hunger Project. Please see here why:

Help me raise £3650 by 6th June 2021, by pledging a monthly donation of whatever you can.

If yiu pledge £1 a day for 365 days, ie £30.41. I will send you once a month, one of my celebrates hand made, home made rye sourdough bread loaves for 12 months as a special thank you for your help in ending hunger.

So, please visit this link and donate:

Thank you so much for yesterday!

6th 8K of my run 365 challenge in support of the Hunger Project.

Very pleased with yesterday mainly for your contributions. 

Thank you so much for all your donations yesterdy. It really helped as today my knee was better!

This is what it is all for, check here:

And please keep your donations coming, at the moment,I am number 2 in the funraisers leader board! Can we be a bit more competitive? If you donate another £200, we could be at the top?

Ill keep running, you keep donating and together we could end hunger! How about that? -

Tough day at the office

Tough day at the office!

Tough today. Had a painful left knee, so had to settle for my safe run technique which brought the speed down. May be my slowest 8k ever, but running another 360 times means I will have to preserve myself to do it. It’s not a flash in the pan!

Now go here and pay some money in, it’ll feel better:

#holisticwellness  #healing #run365challenge  #thehungerproject #donate

Flummox not flummery!

Ive just done my 4th 8k in a row, only 361 more to go to conplete my run 365 challenge to raise money to fund the work of the Hunger Project.

My target is £3650 and I’ve only got £222 so far. 

Just like standing on doirways and applauding the care workers without properly paying them or helping with their immigration statuses is pure flummery, saying well done to me on my run 365 challemge for the Hunger Project and not dipping your hand in your tight wallet is also flummery.  

So, come on, click the link and click the donate button and put something in. Anything. They all add up. 

Flummox us with your generosity instead of your flummery.

Inconspicuous incumbency of making a difference without pity or condescension

Certain charitable causes are conspicuous.
By that I mean they are fronted by deserving looking people. For example, a 99 year old man walking up and down his garden with his zimmer frame is vsry endeering to many people, which induces a flood of donations of those feeling proud and of those feeling guilty in equal measure.

The work of The Hunger Project is Inconspicuous. They dont rely on your pity or pride to raise funds for their valuable work in enabling sustainable end to hunger by empowering the people effected by hunger to take leadership in their own communities.

They show examples of people who are faced with unimaginable circumstances triumphing and rising themselves above their plight and being an example to us. It actually make us feal ashamed, unintentionally, that we in the 1st world, the so called developoed world have gone so wet and soppy that we can hardly stand up by ourselves when there are so many opportunities available to us that those people dont have the availability of.

So, have a look below, dare to be inspired by what’s possible! Dare to make a difference without pity or condescension.

I just ran my 3rd 8K of my Run 365 Challemge, to run an average of 8k a day for the next 365 days from my 56th birthday to my 57th next June 2021.

Go here and sponsor me, get inspired and do something that actually makes a difference. Your money will make a big difference that’s guaranteed, but howis that going to make a difference to you?

Im clear by the end of this, I wont be the same person who started it. By 5th June 2021, eho would you be as a result of the difference you are making now or the indifference you are showing now?

2nd run of “run 365 challenge" for the hunger project

Day 2 of 365 8 Kilometre runs till 6th June 2021.
My 2nd run today:

Imagine you (if you’re a woman) or your mum/sister/girlfriend/wife were forced to marry when you were 12! 

This is why Im doing this:

Please visit my fundraising page and donate whatever you can.

#run365challenge #TheHungerProject #Womencentred #sustainabledevelopment 

The journey of 2920 Kilometres

As the ancient Chinese Proverb goes, “The journey of 2920 kilometres begins with the first 8!

So, I started my journey this morning. Me and my running buddy Mark Quinlan will be running daily, in my case an average of 8k a day for next 365 days. 

All this is so that we can help eradicate hunger in the world by helping the Hunger Project to empower and educate communities in the developing world to alleviate their own hunger by their own action.

Please donate whatever you can. If 2920 people donated just £1 that would be £2920!

And if all of you did fhat once a month that would be .... a lot of money.

Please go here to see what your £1 does and set up a monthly donation of whatever you can afford.

If you donate £1 a day, £30.41 a mont, £365 for the year. You will get one of my celebrated Rye Sourdough bread loaves sent to you every month for the entire 12 months!

#run365challenge #thehungerproject #endhunger

Just thinking

I was just looking at the Strava app thinking hmm I’ve only run 18.2 kilometres this week. 

Then I saw the other stat to the left ofit. It’s said Ive run 640K so far this year since January ‘20! 

And from this Saturday 6th June, ill be taking on running 8k a day for 365 days the whole of the next year. That’s 2920K! 

All this is in aid of the Hunger Project.

Please go here and sponsor me so it’ll do some good.

Challenging !

Run 365 Challenge is challenging!

My goal today was to test another long run of 32k, but just after reach 10k i stopped for a minute to get a drink. And suddenly there was a sharp pain on my left knee. I carried on for about a half a kilometer but it didn’t go away. So, instead of carring on and causing myself an injury, I stopped. It felt ok after as I was slowly walking back so I dont think there’s any damage. Back to 8ks from tomorrow. 

Please visit my run 365 page at the Hunger Project and start your donations coning in. Im starting this Saturday 6th June my 56th birthday. Instead of wishing me happy birthday, just pay a few £s which will do much more to help people.

The Hunger Project is working to empower and enable people effected by chronic persistent hunger in the developping world, ie India, Bangladesh, Sub Saharan Aftica and some Latin American countries by enabling women centred sustainable development of communities. So any money you donate will be really valuable, especially now that these countries too are totally effected by the current pandemic.

You can just sponsor me by a one off payment or a regular monthly fee, of any amount you can afford. But If you can support me by sponsoring me for £1 a day for 365 days (£30.41 a month), for 365 x 8K runs I will make and send you by post one of my delicious rye sourdough bread loaves once a month for 12 months!  Or I can do wheat sourdough as well.

Almost there!

The start date of my Run 365 Challenge in aid of The Hunger Project is approaching soon! This Saturday 6th June.

Ill be embarking on running 8k a day for 365 days of the next year till 6th June 2021!

Why? Well, as we are enjoying one of the best summers in living memory in terms of the weather here in UK, although we have massive problems ue to the lock down. We still have one of the most generous settlements of all countries effected by this pandemic.

But, while this is going on here, there are many young girls in the developing world who’s being married off by their families to raise yet another family when they themselves are children. I dont want that to happen anymore. And the Hunger Project does a lot of work in educating and empowering women in developping countries to solve their own problems by becoming leaders of their own. Also right now their volunteers are mobilising a staggering campaign to educate communities about Covid-19.

So, today is the 1st of 3 training runs Im runingto prepare for a year of running.

Today I ran an 8K, and tomorrow I will be running 32k! Yes 32K, Ive never run that far before, but I am confident I can do that ifI keep my clncentration going.

And then Thursday another 8k to follow up.

Please visit my fundraising page here at The Hunger Project for details of how to pledge money and pay:


My longest ever run. Time it took isn’t important to me but the fact that I could do it easily even on such a hot day was a good experience for the future.

Next, a warm shower and sit in a cold bath for 15 minutes so I don’t get aches and pains. Then tiger balm on joints and muscles.

The test would be if I can run an 8k tomorrow without feeling any aches & pains as a result of today.

So, all this is in aid of my run 365 challenge in aid of the Hunger Project. 

To run 8k a day for 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 6th June 2021 and get YOU to sponsor me. The best would be to sponsor me for £1 a dayfor 365 days, that is £365, which you can pay monthly via my fundraising link or as a DD to The Hunger Project . Or any other monthly amount you are happy with.

But if you did sponsor me for £365 for the year, I in return would send you one of my hand made rye or wheat sour dough bread loaves a month as you are helping me to end hunger by sponsoring me, I will help you too to eat some amazing bread to help with your hunger. 

I have sent many to my friends and they do love it. If you are one of those reading this, please can you make a commnt on this article? So, people know this isn’t nonsense. 

Here’s my fundraising page:


It was a bit later than this time (8.15am) last Wednesday that I was on a 24k run and just after 14k tripped and stumbled to dislocate a knuckle in my right hand. My right arm was in a sling for 2 days and for a time there was a concern that I might have a fracture in that hand, which would have stopped me running for 4 to 6 weeks. It’s still a bit swollen and in a bit of pain when I do my hand physio exercises. But mich better now.

So, today I ran again, I deliberately ran a bit slow but still at a good pace. And I wore wrist and knee guards, which didn’t feel too cumbersome.

Also the fact that I recovered quickly is a testament to my physical and mental fitness and the progress Ive made reversing Diabetes type 2.

Now I’m back on my run365 challenge starting from 6th June.

Sponsorship is now needed. Its a great opportunity to contribute to the work of the Hunger Project which Im running for.

Tomorrow, I shall attemp to complete my 24krun from last Wednesday and will see how I do.

And then on Monday the planned 32k. All this is to.know that I can catchup if I miss any daily run as the idea of my run365 challenge is to run 8k a day for 365 days.

Fasting to be fast

Please check here for details of my run 365 challenge for the Hunger Project starting from 6/6/20 till 6/6/21.

This is my breakfast and lunch today!

I’m fasting like Anita my Muslim friend, because In not running today or tomorrow

I’ll eat after sundown, ill make something spectacular for dinner

This is because I’m experimenting again, as it is more than likely I wont be able to run 8k every day, through illness, injury, laziness or anything else.

So, this week, Im running 24k on Wednesday, and 32K on Sunday. That’s equal to 7 x 8ks in 2 goes.

All good practice. 

#run365challenge #TheHungerProject

My sourdough bread is legendary, sponsor me and get one every month for 12 months

Just out of the oven! Sourdough rye loaf with olives!

The 1st 4 out of the 10 who sponsors me for my run 365 challenge in support of The Hunger Project, will get one of these a month for 12 months, done and sent by me!

Support me to end hunger and be fed as a result! That’s how The Hunger Project work. Its leadership that’s what they give people in the developping world not sympathy or pity.

#run365challenge #TheHungerProject

Sponsors me to end hunger and eat in return

A flourless, butter-less, sugarless orange & apricot cake with crystallised ginger! Its vegetarian!!

It smells divine and tastes out of this world.

Making another one to send to a friend’s birthday!

Help me with my run 365 challenge for The Hunger Project by sponsoring me to run 365 x 8k’s a year £1 a day. 

And Ill bake a cake like one of these cakes every month for 12 months and send to you! 

#vitality #wellbeing #balance  #reset  #refocus  #refresh #run365challenge #thehungerproject

16k experiment

Today’s practice run for my “run 365 challenge” to raise money for The Hunger Project was at 16k run. The longest Ive run. Just to see how it would be to catchup if I happened tomiss a day’s running when I start the challenge from 6th June.

I have noticed in running that I have this mode I get to which I call “I can run all day like this!”.

And there is a biomechanical technique I use to keep motoring while running which takes very little effort. Normally that speed is much slower. Today I achieved the same state and was running much faster, still employing my “effortless running” philosophy, which means I let my body determine the pace I run, rather than making an effort to run fast!

Now, ive done it, the nexf trick is to keep running 8ks next 2 days which will mean on average I’ve run 8k a day for 7 days although Ive taken 1 day off. The reason for the 16k today was because I didnt run yestersay which would have been my 5th 8k in a row in the most recent runs.

#run365challenge #TheHungerProject

Food for running

And to finish, roast belly pork belly with roast chickpeas & cauliflower & chilli sauce.

Fuel for a trial of running 16k tomorrow morning and run 8k again the following day.

Longest I’ve run before is 15k and I couldn’t run for a week after. But I think I do know why. 

So. Here goes. Will report back tomorrow & Sunday. All in practice for my “run 365 challenge” for The Hunger Project.

#vitality  #wellness #balance  #reset  #refresh  #refocus #run365challenge #TheHungerProject

3rd fastest 8K ever

Today I ran the 3rd fastest 8k since I began running in August 2019 but this is different.

When I first started running, I didn’t have a running app, my goal was to run for an hour without stopping.

I did that 3 days running, then on the 4th day I ran for 90 minutes without stopping!

Then I got my 1st running app called MapMyRum, and discoveredI ran on average about 7.5-8 kilometres an hour.   I discovered a running technique which helped me to run safely without injuring myself which actually maddme slow initially, but as I kept at it, I became faster, as I was loosing weight. 

Then I had a couple of set backs, I got flu once, only for 3 days but when I started running again  I had lost speed, then again after a few a of improvement,I tripped and fell, wounded both my knees,could only run 2 or 3 times a week, my technique still alowed me to run but slowly, since then it has takenme this long (aboutb3 months) to get to this speed Im at now.

Kep on running

Today’s effortless run in my training for “run 365 challenge” to run an8k a day for 365 days from 6th June 2020 to 6th June 2021!

It was one of the fastest “effortless” runs since I began these 8ks in April.

#run365challenge #TheHungerProject #Nochildbrides #womencentreddevelopment

Today’s run

The 31st 8k in the last 34 days! When I start my “Run 365 Challenge” for the Hunger Project on 6th June, ill be doing that 7 times plus 4 x 30day runs and 1 merciful 28 day run.

I have asked fast, experiences runners to join my team and they have all expressed “Gosh, not everyday, my knees wont take it” sentiment, which makes me wonder what the f*** am I doing promising these ridiculous feats of endurance, when much younger, fitter, able bodied, successful people balk at the idea.

Or is it that my cause, the Hunger Project isn’t as”sexy” as supporting the NHS “charities!?”

Today, while running in the sun, I saw a woman handing some food to a homeless man, in a Sainsbury’s bag! I got up at 6.30amto run and I realised, she got up at a similar hour to queue outside Sainsbury’s to feed a homeless man! We’re both similar people! We have the “balls” to do it. So, yes I fucking will do it!

My quickest 8k in recent runnings!

Just ran the fastest 8k of the last 36 days of 8k running  

This is great prep for my run-365 challenge starting from 6/6/20

Help me raise funds for The Hunger Project.

Help them end child marriages in the 3rd world.

And help THP to create sustainable women centred leadership initiatives in Asia, Africa & Latin America.

And help these communities protect themselves against Covid-19

Here’s the link to my personal funding page:

And here’s the link to my team page if you want to join:

Lose wight while running and eating food you never can when not

Lock down mock down! A chocolate cake with no flour, sugar or butter!

Look what you can eat without putting on weight when you run run run

This morning’s breakfast after the run, duck broth from yesterday and the sourdough bread from yesterday, with pistachio nuts! You cant find these in the shops and it wasn’t in the recipe. Good day to you!

Running, healthy eating and Leadership coaching what’s the relationship?

Running, healthy eating & leadership coaching, what’s the relationship?
Check my latest blog here.
P.s better on a pc/mac or laptop.

Run 365 challenge 32 days to launch

Run 365 challenge (32 daysto go)
Today’s 8k
This song cameup while i was running and it made me cry, so far, it looks likeIm on my own here. If that’s how it is, that’s fine.
It is still a wonderful life!

Here’s the link to my personal funding page:

And here’s the link to my team page if you want to join:


#fund  #charity #TheHungerProject ##run365challenge #6thJune2020

Run 365 Challenge for The Hunger Project

I am fundraising for The Hunger Project.

My project is called "run 365 challenge" and myself and a group of runners are pledging to run an agreed number of kilometres per day for a consecutive 365 days and ask sponsors to sponsor us for £1 a day for 365 days, £365 a year, paid monthly at the rate of £30.41 for 12 months.

You can track my runs if you join Strava, the running app, its free, and follow me.

So far, I have run 30 8Ks in the last 34 days.

Please pledge to sponsor and  make a donation and help me reach my goal. I am looking for a minimum of 10 sponsors to sponsor me.

Also, if you are inspired, please join me, you wnt be the same person who took the challenge when you finish.

I aim to start the day 1 on Saturday 6th June 2020, my 56th Birthday! and will finish on Sunday 6th June 2021!

I will be running in UK and wherever I am even on holiday or work.

What impact will your donation have?

£25 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women so that they can learn to read and write.

£30 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.

£65 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.

£125 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every pound counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ken Hettiarachi

Thank you to my Sponsors


Total Shotokan Karate London

Amazing work Ken, well done!



Michael Buenaventura


David Baines


D Patel


Kate Mercer


Christina Bridge

You are amazing....keep going...


Patrick Finnegan

Keep running Ken


Ilana Morris

Dear Ken, Well done on your commitment to running 8 Km a day and for your fund raising efforts! I hope that the number of your contributors increases exponentially for the remainder of your challenge; everyone who is able should donate - no matter how small the amount. Best wishes, Ilana


Melissa Z

Hi Ken Well done on all your progress so far. Keep up the good work! Melissa


Krzysztof Kazimierski

Hi Ken, Kris here :)


Chrissy Merton

I do admire what you are doing - the ongoing unswerving commitment. Good for you!


Chris Watson

Good luck Ken and I hope you are well.


Faisel Farooq

Amazing effort Ken, keep going!


Anne Finnegan




Ginni S

You are truly inspirational! Go Ken!


Samantha Mcneil

Keep it up Ken, you are doing a fantastic run.


Manjola Lorenci


Aggie Mus

Well done Ken, keep up the good work x


Sam Deane


Amanda Maguire

I really admire what you are doing Ken and for an important and effective charity.


Teresa Perez

Well done Ken, always an inspiration ...Keep on running :)


Adam Cockfield

Amazing effort Ken! Very inspiring!


Lorraine Wallington

Thank you for doing this you are a special person and you’ve got this good luck


Sangeeta Moore


Kate Mercer


Krzysztof Kazimierski




Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Good luck with this, Ken. A great and worthy initiative.


Parmdeep Jagdev

Well done Ken keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy


Ania & Binit

Good luck Ken!


Patrick Finnegan

Good work Ken :)


Chris Hayes

Well done Ken for taking this personal challenge on - very inspiring!


Subhash Pattni

Happy Birthday Ken. Great to see you making a difference! Keep going! You got this


Anita Khalil

Thanks Anita


Kenneth Hettiarachi

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