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My Challenge

I am fundraising for The Hunger Project. I will be living on £1 a day for all food and drink for 5 days from 10th to 14th May. As a resolved carnivore who loves to cook and enjoys a glass of shiraz this will be a huge challenge and a week of veg, rice and blandness. I did this a few years ago and it was all fun and games for 48 hours and then it got harder and harder. 

Please make a donation and help me reach my goal.

What impact will your donation have?

£25 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women so that they can learn to read and write.

£30 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.

£65 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.

£125 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every pound counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Sorry it’s a bit late - well done on an amazing achievement! You’ve reminded me how privileged and lucky we are to not worry about where the next meal is coming from. Xx


Selina White

Well done Kat xx


Louise Davis

Well done Kat xx



Well done for putting your mouth where no money is x


Claire Knight

Well done for raising awareness and making a difference. x


The Lodge Family

Massive well done lovely! Love The Lodges xxx


Jackie Overton

Donation from Jackie Overton



You’re half way Kat! Xx


Sam Tindall

Donated from Sam Tindall's pocket money (don't tell him)


Lee Burrows

great effort. brave !





Well done Kat, amazing that you are doing this!


Fran Tindall

Good on you Kat! Not an easy challenge.


Yvonne O’connor



Andrea Wilson

Great work Kat such a worthwhile cause and you’ll smash it like you do with everything you put your mind to! Good luck 😉


Edwardo Kidd

Saw this and thought it was a great idea good luck for the week


Jo & Sophie


Peter And Amanda Howell


Jelly Gee

You lovely lunatic.....Good luck and get the Shiraz in ready for the end of the week.


Christine Howie

Go sis xx



What a great thing to do - not sure I could, but that Shiraz and steak will taste so lovely on day 6! Good luck.x


Jo White

Amazing! Such a great cause, well done Kat xx


Chris Tindall

Don't worry, I'll eat out to help out.



Great cause Kat, well done to you for raising awareness, best of luck


Mathilda Strom

A worthy cause and I'm sure it's an eye-opening experience. Good luck Kat!


Dee Jupp

Great project to fund raise for. Don't forget the chilli sauce. xx



Mike and I wish you the best of luck Kat!



Are your potatoes ready to eat yet?😂 Well done. X


Charlotte And Paul

You go amazing lady! Lots of wine to come in the near future xxxx


Katharine Tindall

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