Chrissy Merton

My Challenge

The Hunger Project's amazing work combatting the spread of COVID

The Hunger Project has mobilised 500,000 trained, local leaders in 13 countries around the world to create COVID-Resilient Communities in each of the 13,600 villages where we work. In Bangladesh alone, there are 1,500 so far.

“If The Hunger Project’s strategy was replicated throughout [Bangladesh] then COVID-19 could be under control in 4 weeks.” — Dr. Mushtuq Husain, an advisor to Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) in Bangladesh

If you would like to reach 16.5 million people in Africa, India and Bangladesh and enable them to stop the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, please support our sponsored walk. For photos and  details of The Hunger Project's response to COVID, visit 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Richard Pearl

Great job Chris's!


Vineeta Rishi

Good Luck!!


Jonathan Mortimer

Congratulations on a great undertaking for a great cause. All the best with getting to the end and reaching your target.


Tricia Harwood

Go for it Chrissy!!


Claire Pontal

Keep going! :)


Peter Abraham


Jag Kumari

Well Chrissy ... already seeing you at the finish line


Dave Rindl


Kathi Decouto


Jim Smith

Good luck!! Xx


William Foyle

Good Luck Chrissy! hope its goes very well!!


Katherine Clark

Go girl xxx


Jake Tilson


David Klaasen


Anita Breeze


Emily Arden-close

Go Chrissy and Nick!


Vijay Raman

Hi Chrissy, Thank you for doing this work and being the wonderful partner to Nick. I know we (Anjana and I) have a friend in you, without ever having met you.


Nicholas Robin Hall Smith


Pippa Bremner



Sonsorship. Love Joe


Chrissy Merton

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