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Run 365 challenge team for ending hunger

We are fundraising for The Hunger Project. 

Our project is called "run 365 challenge", Ken Hettiarachi and Mark Quinlan are pledging to run an agreed number of kilometres per day for a consecutive 365 days and ask sponsors to sponsor us for £1 a day for 365 days, £365 a year, paid monthly at the rate of £30.41 for 12 months.

Or whatever you can sponsor us for. You may pay a one off amount or a regular monthly amount.

You can track our runs if you join Strava, the running app, its free, and follow Ken Hettiarachi and Mark Quinlan.

Please pledge to sponsor and  make a donation and help us reach our goal of £3650..

Also, if you are inspired, please join us, you won't be the same person who took the challenge when you finish this in a year.

We are starting the day 1 on Saturday 6th June 2020, Ken's 56th Birthday! and will finish on Sunday 6th June 2021!

We will be running in UK and wherever we are even on holiday or work abroad.

What impact will your donation have?

£25 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women so that they can learn to read and write.

£30 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.

£65 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.

£125 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every pound counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ken Hettiarachi and Mark Quinlan

Thank you to our Sponsors


Ania & Binit

Good luck Ken!


Chris Hayes

Well done Ken for taking this personal challenge on - very inspiring!


John Greene

Hope you get your birthday wish. Keep up the great efforts you make for others. Good man.


Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Good luck with this, Ken. A great and worthy initiative.


Shauna Scales



Happy Birthday Mark, what a great way to celebrate your 60th year on the planet doing good for other people. Wishing you health and happiness to pursue your goal. big hugs Denise



Ken, keep on going with the project, really inspiring.


Shauna And Peter Scales

Well done Mark


Ivan Kehelly


Maura Dolan

Hi Mark good luck with your well deserving charity.


Adam Cockfield

Amazing effort Ken! Very inspiring!


Patrick Finnegan

Good work Ken :)


Noha Nasser

Happy birthday nearest and dearest


Sangeeta Moore


Kenneth Hettiarachi


Amanda Maguire

I really admire what you are doing Ken and for an important and effective charity.


Barry Dunne


Parmdeep Jagdev

Well done Ken keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy


Krzysztof Kazimierski


Kate Mercer


Andrew Foy

Keep going Mr Q 💪


Denis Bergin

Congrats Mark on the 60. You are brilliant to do a 5 k every day.


Aggie Mus

Well done Ken, keep up the good work x


Rory Quinlan

Well done Mark. Completing the run with that manflu cold is very impressive


Aoife Mollin


Ronan Quinn

Well done!


Fiona Keeffe

Best of Luck Mark, you are inspirational !


Aidan Connaughton


Dave Rindl

One step at a time Mark. Each one counts and makes a difference. Thanks for being a total inspiration!!! x


Clora Quinlan

Well done Mark - fair play to you !


Lorraine Wallington

Thank you for doing this you are a special person and you’ve got this good luck


Pauline O'kane


Sheila Kissane

Best of luck with this tough challenge Mark


Zahra Mosala


Michael Fahy


Teresa Perez

Well done Ken, always an inspiration ...Keep on running :)


Maureen Gibson


Anita Khalil

Thanks Anita


Mark Q





Maria Berkhout

Good luck


Kate O'sullivan

Best of luck Mark


Shri Budhkar

Go Mark Go!!! Acknowledge your commitment in the great cause.


Sam Deane


Enda Mccabe


Manjola Lorenci


Samantha Mcneil

Keep it up Ken, you are doing a fantastic run.



Well done for making a difference!


Subhash Pattni

Happy Birthday Ken. Great to see you making a difference! Keep going! You got this



Good luck Mark!


Rosemary Ruddy


Patricia Kelly



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