Our Stories

People don’t typically walk around thinking how they can play a role in ending hunger.

From evidence, I know our methodology that moves people from I Can’t, to I Can, to We Can, in our programme countries – works just as well in our lives.

Come and meet our Global CEO

When people connect with our work and what is possible, something is ignited within. That’s why I’m thrilled to welcome our Global CEO, Suzanne Frindt on 6th March to New Zealand. In the past 40 years, THP globally has achieved and learnt so much about what it truly takes to end hunger. I do hope you can join Suzanne, the THPNZ Board and I in hearing about the incredible work achieved to date and the road map to ending hunger by 2030.


Creating Partnerships

Developing opportunities to share the impact of our work is essential. Recently I spoke with 200 Group Managers at Auckland Transport in a session to inspire Imagining New Possibilities.

In addition, we cannot wait to be the Charity Partner at the upcoming Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit in Auckland on 13th March.

I believe it’s time THP was discovered by more than just the few. Our work is powerful, it is transformational, it is proven to create change – in other words, it works and that is something to be talked about!

See you at our event in March!

With love and appreciation,

Millie Allbon

CEO, The Hunger Project New Zealand