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Married as a child not once, but twice.

Gladys from Iganga, Uganda was married as a child bride not only once, but twice.

She was forced to quit school, got divorced and now is a single mum to a 6-month old son, Samuel.

Giving birth at a young age and being pulled out of school is common for girls like Gladys who get married so early. Despite these challenges, something shifted for Gladys one day – she realised she could do much more with her life and she demanded that her parents allow her to return to school.

At school, volunteers trained by The Hunger Project spoke to Gladys and her classmates about how child marriage is harmful to the growth and development of young girls. Through this education, Gladys realised that her story was actually very unusual: getting married, divorced, delivering a baby all before the age of 18 – and still going back to school! She also saw that she had the power to do something to help other girls in her community, so that their childhood could be different.

“It’s common that parents marry off their daughters at such a young age, but it shouldn’t be normal. That’s what I like to tell other girls. It is very difficult to go back to school once you have a baby. I like to be a role model for what’s possible.” Gladys

Thanks to The Hunger Project-trained volunteers who enabled her to see how she could make a difference, Gladys is now inspiring other girls in her community! 

The results achieved every day by our village partners are incredible – and your investment is critical to their continued success. Gladys is one example of the people whose lives have been transformed through our work.